Coron, PalawanπŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ (Day 2-day tour)

For our day 2 in Coron, Palawan we had an all day tour for the day. We woke up in the morning and have our breakfast first before someone picks us up in the hotel and go to the port where we will start our island tour.

We got our tour also in our package tour in A + C Travel & Tours.

Coron Island Tour (7 Islands) – β‚½ 1,300

Our first island was the Twin Lagoon.

  • Twin Lagoon – it is one of the famous island in Coron, that you should really see when you go to Coron!

The first lagoon is where the boats dock because they can’t pass to the second lagoon that is hidden so from the first lagoon you need to swim underneath the rock or if it is high tide you can climb a ladder over the rock.

The place was so picturesque✨

Check my IG for this ➑️ kristelbotana

Here’s the way to the second lagoon (with the ladder), underneath it, is where you can swim to get pass to the second lagoon.

In the next picture you can see the middle part where we passed through to get in that place where I took the picture.

That time it was low tide so we had both the options how to pass and it was both fun, you could pass first underneath it then going back you can climb the ladder and have picture in there and look at it from aboveπŸ‘ŒπŸ» (or vice versa)

The next island was the CYC Beach

  • CYC Beach (Coron Youth Club) – in this island you can do snorkeling and you can see mangrove trees in there.

  • Banol beach – it is a small stretch of white sand beach and an amazing backdrop of limestone cliffs.
  • The next stop as I remebered should be the Banol beach for our lunch time but we just passed by it because there are so many people having their lunch too in there so we don’t have enough space so our tour guide decided to have our lunch in the Skeleton Wreck, so that’s our next island stop.
    • Skeleton Wreck – it is one of the popular tourist spot in Coron because of the sunken Japanese ship where you can dive and look at it.

    I try to look at it from the surface of the water because the water was so crystal clear I did saw some parts of it and it was amazing! How I wish I know how to dive so that I can go near in historic places like that underwater.

    • Coral Garden – it is also a great spot for diving and snorkeling especially you’ll see lots of different kind of colorful corals and fishes.

    After having lunch in there and relaxing a bit we head to our next stop the Kayangan Lake.

    • Kayangan Lake – you’ll need to hike 300 steps first before seeing the beautiful lake and midway through the climb was a breathtaking view that you must really see!✨

    The hike was really worth it because after that climb you can finally relax in the lake for quite some time and enjoy the view around the lake.

    Here’s the midway through the climb and the amazing and breathtaking view that you don’t want to miss an opportunity to have a picture in here! It is my top favorite island in all the island we’ve been for the day!✨

    πŸ“Έ : Kristel Botana ➑️ kristelbotana ✨

    Then there’s a cave in there but we didn’t got a chance to ask our tour guide what can we see in there because he is so busy taking pictures of us one by one in that beautiful view.

    And finally we saw the beauty of Kayangan Lake and its relaxing feeling!

    After exploring the beauty of Kayangan Lake our last island stop was the Siete Pecados Marine Park.

    • Siete Pecados Marine Park – around it was all water and there was no land to go, so boats just drop anchor and then you can jump and swim right away.

    The tour guide ask us if we still want to dive or we can just relax in the boat since it has been a long day and the view was relaxing, some of us still dive but the tour guide warned them that they need to be extra careful not only because of the currents that are quite strong but also he said that there are jellyfish around there.

    We decided to just relax in the boat and just take picturesπŸ“Έ

    And that’s the end of our island tour for that day! We had an amazing time from the first island until the last island alao the tour guides was cool and fun so we didn’t felt bored the whole tour.


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    • Shades from Sunniesstudios

    • My bikini top and his shorts are both from H&M.

    Beach vibes only🏝” ➑️ kristelbotana

    “See more of the world, one beach at a time🌊

    ➑️ kristelbotana

    That’s all for the day tour we still have night tour for our day 2 in Coron, that’s my next blog😊



    Coron, PalawanπŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ (Day 1)

    For our Coron trip, we got it from a friend who recently started a travel agency – A + C Travel & Tours.

    We avail the clark-coron-clark airfare, van transfer from airport to hotel to airport, and the hotel accomodation with free breakfast for β‚½5,999 (3 days and 2 nights) and then we booked also our tour from A + C travel & tours for our day 2 for β‚½1,300 all day tour in 7 islands in Coron with free lunch on the boat.

    So we arrived in Clark at around 5 in the morning and then we just waited there for our flight at 9am.

    When we finally got on the plane, travel time was around 45-50 mins only, our plane was small, it’s a little bit different because when I’m traveling to Rome it was so big, this one was a bit small and cute because it’s a domestic flight only, our airline was Philippine Airlines.

    Also I forgot to check in us online the day before our flight that’s why we’re not beside each other.

    And the snacks was greatπŸ˜„ (PAL was in partners with Max’s for their snacks😊)

    Then we arrived at the Busuanga Airport in Coron, Palawan.

    Then around 15 mins. drive I guess before we reach our hotel.

    Here’s the hotel we stayed-in, also it was already arranged by Ms. Chenny Ann Tan, owner of the A + C Travel & Tours πŸ‘πŸ»

    After checking in we decided to have lunch outside and also to buy some of tissues and snacks.

    Here’s a little story of us touring around the city in a wrong wayπŸ˜…

    We told the tricycle driver to bring us in a supermarket or a grocery store in there, then he ask if we want the old or new, we say new, then he started driving and then we reach the town proper but he still continues to drive, until we reach the shore and suddenly approaching us was a sign of “Coron Public Market” πŸ˜… it was literally a market with the meats in there and fishes and allπŸ˜‚ we won’t be buying foods like that but we are already there so we went in and check if there was something we could still buy, luckily we spotted a stall which is like a sari-sari store so we ended up buying a bottled of water and some biscuits and snacks then we ride again the tricycle going back to the city.

    And finally the driver understands us this time, and finally we saw a restaurant near where the driver left us, so we had our lunch there.

    The restaurant was Big Mama’s Pinoy Hot Pot & Grill.

    The food was great, the marinade of the chicken and the pork was great because we both ordered a grilled and we are both satisfied with our lunch then our drinks was apple shake for me and fresh buko juice for him, the food was around β‚½300-400.

    After eating our lunch we just walked around the city, and in there they have many souvenir shops, restaurants and hotels and many more.

    After a while we go back to our hotel and we decided to have our first tour, they have many options there if what tour you want, in our hotel they have a fliers so that we can choose what we want, since it’s already close to night time we take the night tour. We just texted the number in the fliers and then we prepared after a while.

    1st Tour (Night Tour) β€” β‚½950

    πŸ“Pang-eat Firefly Floating Resto (Dinner)

    πŸ“Mangrove Forest Park (See colonies of Fireflies)

    First there was a van that picked us up in the hotel and then brought us near the shore again it was also near our first stop a while ago the Public MarketπŸ˜„

    The tour starts at 6 in the evening then it ended at around 9.

    We ride a speedboat and there were around 16 of us in one boat I guess, there are 2 boats, so we went to the floating restaurant first (the capacity of the resto was good for the all the people in two boats) and have our seafood buffet dinner, the food was delicious especially the pastaπŸ˜‹ and everything was really seafoodπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

    Also eating in a floating restaurant was so fun, you will really feel that you are floating and the air was refreshing plus the grandpa’s who was singing so beautifully that makes the whole dinner so relaxing and so nice!!!

    After all the great experience in the floating restaurant our next stop was the Fireflies!✨

    Because the fireflies was so sensitive our tour guide said to us to turn down the lights of our cellphone and no flashing of lights so that we can really see the fireflies, so I didn’t get a chance to capture them we just enjoy the night watching the fireflies and the relaxing fresh air.

    I did try to take a picture and a video on a low light of my phone although I cannot see it clearly and after the tour I checked it but it was all just black and nothing else so I just deleted it.

    All in all our first tour for our day 1 was so nice and it was really a delightful night!

    For my ootd’sπŸ’ƒπŸ»

    Going to the airport‡️

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    For our Night Tour‡️

    • Top from Shortcutsapparel (IG shop)
    • Shorts from Tally Weijl
    • Sandals from Forever 21
    • Earrings from Shopee

    This is just day 1 of 3 in Coron, watch out for the day 2 and 3😊

    Thanks for reading!❀️


    Ilocos tourπŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ (Day 2)

    For our day 2 in Ilocos, we also have the whole day touring Ilocos.

    We have free breakfast in our hotel so before we start our tour we had breakfast first.

    Also since it is a joiner group we don’t know them at first but luckily our seatmate in the van was friendly so we instatly had a new friends because of this trip also couple couple friends that’s why we clicked together that fast hahaha.

    Our first stop was in the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse.

    Cape Bojeador Lighthouse – it is also known as Burgos lighthouse and it was recognized during Spanish colonial era here in the Philippines. Inside you can see the things used for it to function, you can go up until the foot of the lighthouse with an entrance fee of β‚½20, also if you look at the whole structure of it, it looks like a ship just like what the tour guide there said. And everything was still the same just like what it was in the past and they had maintained it well.

    Since the tour guide we met there was so cool and really knows how to photograph us that’s why we had amazing pictures like theseπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

    Especially these panorama pictures it was amazing!πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

    And some of our pictures taken by usπŸ˜„

    So after having an amazing shots in here and seeing how historic this place was, our next stop was in the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation.

    Kapurpurawan Rock Formation – it is known for its creamy white and streamlined limestones formation. When you went here you’ll be amaze to see this rock formation and great place to take pictures.

    When you go here you have two options either you walk(which is a bit long walk I guess) going in here or you ride the horse for β‚½100 with a guide.

    After a ride with the horse we finally reach the rock formation and it was pretty amazing.

    Also our guide volunteered to take a picture of us and guide us also where to stand for us to have a beautiful background.

    Check my IG for this picture ➑️ Kapurpurawan Rock Formation ✨✨✨

    After these beautiful scenery we had our lunch somewhere near the Windmills, cause that’s our next stop Bangui Bay Windmills.

    Bangui Bay Windmills – consists of 15 wind turbines arranged on a single row along the shoreline of Bangui Bay facing the West Philippine Sea.

    So when you go there you’ll also see a beach but the waves that time was so strong so all we do was to enjoy the view and relax in the place. And also take a pictures.

    After these windmills our next stop was at the beach, Blue Lagoon.

    Blue Lagoon – it was in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte and it is very far. It is a famous beach in Ilocos that you must really see because of its white sand(but not entirely) and crystal water.

    Because we had so much time in the beach after a swim in the beach we decided to eat there near the cottage we got, our driver gladly talk to the restaurant for what we like because he knows the owner and the main owner of the agency we booked our tour knows them also.

    We ordered a calamari, a half order of it (originally it should be ordered as a whole) because we are just four and we can’t ate it all.

    Also to add to it, a drink will be fine especially with a view of the beach it was so relaxing!

    We arrived at the Blue Lagoon at around 1 or 2 then we leave by 5 in the afternoon and went to our last few stops before going back to the hotel, the Bantay Abot Cave, Pagudpud Arch, Patapat Viaduct.

    Bantay Abot Cave – it is also one of the popular tourist spot in Ilocos, although it is really not a cave but more like a hill with a hole in the middle that they say it was wrecked by the earthquake long ago.

    And it was a bit rocky and you’ll need to walk to some slippery rocks and different kind of rocks if you want to go up in the hole.

    Pagudpud Arch – a great souvenir also that you really went to Pagudpud, we went here in the welcome arch of Pagudpud.

    Although it is not so easy to take a picture because of the vehicles passing by so you should be fast in posing for your pictures, or you can do what we did, just in the side then with the right angle it will be a fine photo.

    Patapat Viaduct – it has a one of the most beautiful scenery in Ilocos and this bridge is a zigzag shape that is attached to the mountain and they say it was constructed to prevent accidents on the area.

    For my ootdπŸ’ƒπŸ»

    In the whole tour‡️

    Check my IG for the pictures ➑️ kristelbotana

    • Dress from Kikayneedsoverload (IG shop)
    • Sandals from Forever 21
    • Bag from Parfois

    In the beach‡️

    • Bikini top from Ripcurl
    • Shorts from Tally Weijl

    That’s the end of our day 2, after all of places we went, our tour was so generous(it was included in the tour, a free dinner during the second day) and we had our free dinner that time (it was unli rice and with soup also) the restaurants name was Chicken Ati-Atihan.

    So all in all this trip was really amazing yet we still have day 3, so it was really worth it, so many places we’ve got to visit in just 3 days so watch out for my day 3, our last day😊