Start-up Cafe

Last week my cousins and I tried this newly built cafe near our area(Pateros Metro Manila), surprisingly the food tastes great! 

The only thing is the place was a bit small to accomodate all the people, but I think they are now trying to fix that thing now, especially when the food taste great I’m sure many people would love to come again. 

But overall everything was great, so if you’re near the area you should try it also! 

It is just on the 2nd floor of the building where China bank Pateros is located. 

I think everyday they have different menu. 

Here are some of the foods we ordered:

“Blueberry cheesecake and Java Chip Frappe”

“White choco mousse”

“Pasta Bolognaise” (with my cousin in the background hahaha)


Also they have a great wifi connection so it is great to hang out here with friends and family👍🏻

#KaKaL (Kape kape lang👍🏻😂☕️)

New Years Eve 2016

For the year 2017, one of the lucky color is yellow. So we wear yellow for a good luck in this year 2017. 

Here’s our media noche⤵️

More foods, more fun😄

We have pansit, barbeque, hotdogs, circle fruits, blueberry cheesecake from contis and wine!😋

A cheers to welcome new year with the family!💛💛💛

Keeping it simple for the new year. 

2016 has been a both good and bad year for me. Bad because I just realized that some things are really not meant to stay forever. But still thankful for everything that happened because it teaches me that there’s a lot to see in life.

To love myself first before anything else.  

Thankful for all the people who is always there for me no matter what happened. 

Thankful to God for always guiding me and giving me strength in everything that I do in life.

So whatever challenge in life this 2017, I will be ready for it. 🙏🏻👩🏻‍🎓✈️💼❤️


Simple and clean⚪️

Let’s go back to wearing shorts again when going out 🙂

Last last week we went again to the mini Venice in the Philippines. The first time I went there, there were only few stores and restaurant open but as of today many restaurant and stores are added. 

They also have the boat just like in the real Venice in Italia. 

Then we headed to have lunch at TGIFridays in Glorietta. 

“Picture with the fam💕”

“Then I tried their Ultimate June Bag Cocktail. It was great👌🏻”

“We oredered grilled foods and our dessert is oreo and brownie”

Here’s the details of my outfit:

  • Top from Murashopphclothing (IG shop)
  • High-waisted shorts from Mygirlythingfashion (IG shop)
  • Shoes from H&M

That’s all☺️ I hope you enjoy the story behind every outfit I wear💜


Project Pie (Philippines)

When I heard that there will be Project Pie in SM Megamall I really want to try it. I’ve always wanted to try it but the thing is the other Project Pie here in the Philippines is too far from my place. 

When I came back home from my vacation in Rome,Italy last year, I asked my boyfriend to go with me and eat there. 

This was the first time we went there.   


I remembered the toppings we chose is:  

  •  Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Mushrooms, Bell Pepper, Pineapples, Red sauce, Parmesan, Mozzarella ..

It was great and you will be really satisfied!

The second time we tried it was after my class we decided to have a lunch there. 

This time the toppings I chose was:

  • Prosciutto, Italian Sausage, Bell pepper, Red sauce, Parmesan, Mozzarella ..

I had tried eating the Prosciutto alone as the toppings on pizza in Roma it was really salty but it was good. When it was together with those toppings I chose it was also good. 

Here’s the Prosciutto pizza I was saying that I ate when we were on a Ristorante in Roma. (P.s. That’s my mom!😊) 

Then yesterday we dine again in Project Pie and tried out their  S’mores pizza! 🙂



It was good also because I love nutella and it taste like that so I was so happy to eat it. Plus the marshmallow I love it also. Also they have unli softdrinks(you have to choose it on the menu) that’s why I love coming back here. Although this time they spelled my name wrong but it was fine hehe. 

Hahaha. The first pic was the first time we ate there then the last is today’s picture. It was funny that my boyfriend wear the same shirt😅 

I hope if you’re near the place you could also try this, specially to those who really love pizza, like us. Pizza lover!👍🏼❤️

Creme Coffee and Tea Bar 

Last thursday we tried out this coffee shop near my place. It is newly built and open.  

I lived in Pateros metro manila, and this place is just a tricycle/jeepney away. 

  ©to the owner of last three photos 🙂

I love the decoratings in the place and those cute furnitures, but the place is so small. It feels like the people who can stay there is not more than 18 I guess..But it feels relaxing there because of the furnitures and the ambiance. If this place would be a hit in our place maybe they can make their place a bit more bigger so many people could come and stay to relax here. 
We tried their frappe– Mocha Caramel, it was good and the cupcake (Dark Chocolate) I love the taste of it. 

They have many variety of coffee, non-based coffee, frappe, espresso, tea and many more. 

In terms of cupcakes they have red velvet, that dark chocolate we ordered and they also have cheesecakes

Here are some of our pictures in the place 🙂 it’s me and my crazy friends. A couple date in this coffee shop last thursday👍🏼❤️

So if you are near the place try it also and see if it will give you the same experience we had!😊

Located at 16 M.Almeda corner S Castillo st. Pateros metro manila. 


It’s another day to wandered around Rome. Last May 9–Saturday, since my cousins don’t have class that day they tour me to the place I haven’t been. We went first to Colosseo but to bad It was being reconstruct and I wasn’t able to go inside.  


  I haven’t been inside of any known structures here in Rome, maybe if I would be with my mom next time. For the meantime just the outside first. I would be staying here for almost I don’t know how many months..

Then we went next to Giardino delle Rose.  
  I loved it! It was a super beautiful garden. 

Then we also went to a park where my cousin used to go when she was a little younger.  


” Taking pictures of every moments and making it memories that will last forever.☺️ #Rome #kristeltravelgram” – My instagram

After that walk and walk in that vicinity we feel so tired and got so hungry. It’s pizza again for lunch. It was delicious!  

  Then we stayed near the river where others also relaxed there. Did some little chitchat 🙂  

   We stayed there for almost an hour I guess. 

Then before heading home we stop by again in gelateria. I oredered the Kinder Cereali and Oreo flavor and it was so great!  

Then for the last my ootd! 

  • Top from Murashopph (online IG shop)
  • Jeans from Thedollhouseshop (also an online IG shop)
  • Flat shoes from Forever 21
  • Shades from Sunnies studios 

✔️St. Peter’s Square


On a thursday afternoon last april 30 we went to St. Peter’s Square, not the Basilica because we went there almost evening so we didn’t go inside to see it. Maybe next we can also to go to a mass there is what I really want. 

But the structures outside of it, the St. Peter’s Square is so beautiful! 

       After that we stop by this fries stall.  
Because I love fries they let me taste this one!😍 
This is what I order. Because on the other store last time I already taste the fries with barbeque sauce. So this time chips with cheddar sauce👍🏼
Lastly my ootd! 🙂
  • Shoes from Vans
  • Bag from Calvin Klein
  • Top from Forever 21
  • Cardigan from 101 New York

To Rome!

“To Rome”

Finally after how 18 years I will be back to the place where I was born, Rome, Italy. I was born there but I grew up in the Philippines. This will be my first time to travel and to be in plane, because my first time in the plane is I’m just a 6 month old baby so I don’t know what happen. So I consider this as my first time to ride the plane and to feel how it will be to be in the plane.


Of course my outfit will be included…




  • Long sleeves from Forever 21
  • Shoes from Vans
  • Travel bag from Forever 21
  • Cardigan from 101 New York

My flight was at night of April 21 in the Philippines and I have stopover in Abu Dhabi. I arrived at Rome in the morning. I was with my grandmother, good thing my first time to travel I have a companion so that I will not be confused on what to do in the airport. My grandma has been going back and forth in Rome since she was still strong enough because she is not that young anymore she is a little weak.

Our flight going to Abu Dhabi was so smooth. I was so relaxed the whole time it was almost 7 or 8 hours from Manila to Abu Dhabi. Our airline is Etihad, it was so good! The plane is so beautiful my grand ma said, compare to the other plane she had been. I was seated beside the window to see how beautiful things from above. The comfort room was bigger than other plane as to my grandma. And every seat has a TV; I never knew that I would be watching Into the Woods in the plane I’ve been searching for it in different site because I didn’t get to watch it in cinema. Then I also watch again the movie Love Rosie because I love the story of it that’s why even thought I had already watch it with my best friends I watch it again.


“Love Rosie”


“Into The Woods”

Then the foods was so great! You would never feel hungry. After the plane take off there would be snacks then after an hour you would be served a rice meal for dinner and then before landing you can choose if you want noodles or sandwich. In the next plane, still Etihad after take off there is again a snacks, a bunch of snack to call it because each one of us were given one small paper bag with snack in it. The before landing we had our breakfast. But on this second plane I wasn’t feeling good because my tummy is so full and I don’t want to make poop in the plane ‘cause I’m not comfortable that’s why it was loaded all in my tummy.


“This was from the first plane, I didn’t get to capture the snacks and the noodles, hehe”

11180082_895365060523124_548109727_n 11178458_895365163856447_1449820459_n

“This was from the second plane, the snacks and the breakfast.”

After that we landed safely in Rome. Italy. Thank God nothing bad happen the whole time riding the plane. Althought there is a little bit of shaking but I wasn’t that frighten about that, in fact I love looking in the window and see what was happening outside of the plane. I was so amazed of everything from above. Including this beautiful clouds from above.


Double date💞

“Its plaid on sunday. “


  • Plaid top from Murashopph (online IG shop)
  • Bag from Calvin Klein
  • Necklace from Diareeph (online IG shop)
  • High-waisted jeans from Thedollhouseshop (online IG shop)

It is titled double date because one of my bestfriend together with our boyfriend we watched a movie where our favorite artist is the main cast❤️

It is my second time to watch the movie but I still feel its my first time because I really feel the story every time I watch it. The movie is #CrazyBeautifulYou 👏👏👏

After watching the movie we dine to KFC to try their new spicy chicken. And based on how they eat it, it really is so spicy. I didn’t try it because I’m not fond of eating spicy foods. 

My kind of sunday with them 😍

Sundate <3

Monthsary Sunday ♥


I’ve been with this guy since June 2010. We’ve been through a lot! It is not always a happy relationship because I believe that all of the relationship has problems, and with that problem you both grow and understand things in life better. At first I don’t see us to be in a long relation because I was just high school back then. But he make me feel loved and he always cares for me even though I’m always moody.

I thank God I met him, a guy who care so much not only for me but for his family and siblings, for always understanding me, for loving me so much! You know how much I love you too!


So we watch the Big Hero 6 in Market Market! 

It was a great movie! I really do want to have my own Baymax (if possible, hahaha) because of this movie. Baymax is so sweet!♥

It has a great story about brothers,friendships and also to believe in your self on what you can do! If you haven’t watch this movie, I suggest you should! 🙂

10818569_814862965240001_1017624172_n  10836531_814862995239998_986506824_n



After that we chill in SM Aura. I try this crepe that I really want to taste ’cause it looks so delicious! The Crazy Crepe have many flavors, but I try the Banana Nutella! And it is so yummy 🙂

Then we go to the Sky Park (I guess) in Sm Aura. The other pictures are some of the views to be seen there.

And a little ootd for the last picture 🙂

  • Eiffel Tower Top
  • DIY shorts
  • Forever 21 flat shoes