Zaanse Schans, North Holland🇳🇱

For our second day in Netherlands, after breakfast and checking out in the hotel…

We went to Zaanse Schans.

Zaanse Schans is a neighbourhood of Zaandam, near Zaandijk in the Netherlands.

Zaanse Schans is simply a town full of extraordinarily well-preserved architecture and traditions.

It is full of wooden houses, windmills, barns and workshops.

Be sure not to miss the cheese factory!👌🏻
Have a taste on different kinds of cheese and then you can buy it.

Then they also sell foods with cheese in the corner like nachos, sandwiches, snacks and more.

There is also a Zaanse Schans Museum.
But we didn't go inside so I don't know what to see in there but I think it's all about what you can see around the area.

Here are some of the places around it, with its windmills, museums, nature and culture where you can experience the industrial history of Netherlands. (with my mom as the model👍🏻😄)

They also have some pretty gardens around it💕

Also I love the houses with black paints, and other scenery in there.

To travel with my mom around Europe is one of my bucketlist and I am happy that we are doing it little by little👌🏻❤️

Also they have photographers roaming around and taking pictures of you then you can buy them if you want and it will be with a calendar in it.

Ootd ⤵️⤵️⤵️

"When in Zaanse Schans🇳🇱💃🏻"
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Venice, Italy🌹

A day tour in Venice with mama❤️

We left Roma at around 11 in the evening then we arrived at Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua the next day at around 5 in the morning. 

Since this church is near Venice we decide to stop by before going to Venice. 

Then going to Venice, you need to ride a boat, it is about 45 mins. ride I guess..

We arrived at Venice at around 9 in the morning. 

First thing on the itinerary was the ride to Gondole, it was by group of 6 because the ride was a bit expensive so our tour guide decided to do it by group, it was suppose to be 80 euro for that ride, since it is by group it became 13 euro each person. 

They say you didn’t see well Venice if you didn’t ride this Gondole!👌🏻

It was worth it because you can really see the beauty of Venice!

After that we were given a chance to roam around Venice the way we want. 

As well as to have our lunch wherever we want. 

Then at 1 o’clock we need to go back to the boat so that we could go to the Murano Glass

Here they made different kinds of glass and it was wonderful pieces.

Also they have accessories and I bought some👌🏻💜

Then at 3:30 we ride the boat again going back to the port because our bus was there. 

“Embroidered🌹 and ribbon🎀 kind of a day in Venice.”

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Abruzzo, Italy

Gran Sasso d’Italia & St. Gabriel’s shrine

Gran Sasso – means “Great Stone” it is a mountain located in Abruzzo, Italy. It is the highest peak and the peaks are snow-covered. 

St. Gabriel’s Shrine – located at the foot of Gran Sasso. It is here that St. Gabriel spent the last two years of his earthly life and where he is buried. 

Older shrine – has some beautiful mosaics on its facade, also there is a museum inside which has many remembrance from the Saint’s life. 

New shrine – it was built in 1970’s in the spirit of the Second Vatican Council. The urn with the remains of St. Gabriel is here.




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Baguio city🌲

It’s my second time in Baguio and I can still remeber that the first time we went there it was so cold, but this time it’s not that cold, at night you can sleep without electric fan but in the morning up to the afternoon the weather is fine. 

We leave by 12 midnight then we arrived there at around 5:30 in the morning, we checked first where we could stay for 1 night. 

We checked-in in Ina Mansion, it was nice and how the room was build was cute! There is a living room, 2 bedrooms(upstairs), kitchen, comfort room, the balcony👌🏻(the price is around 4000 to 4500 pesos, we are 9 persons in the room)

After that we roam around the city. 

Then when we got tired we came back to the hotel and stay until the night, because we decided to go to  night market. 

While the others are preparing we take pictures first☺️ and that’s the view at night✨

Here’s my cousin showing the SM in Baguio😄

In that night market everything was in low prices! But so many, as in many people, so it is not that so easy to shop. 

Then the next morning we checked out at 11 in the morning, since we have a car we can still roam around then eat lunch then last stop in Benguet. 

We went to the Lourdes grotto⤵️

You need to climb up I think at around 252 steps. 

And the view from the top was amazing!✨

La Trinidad strawberry fields in Benguet ⤵️ 

And because we are in the place where there are so many strawberry my cousins tried the strawberry ice cream!🍦

That sums up our Baguio trip. It was amazing especially when you travel with cousins☺️

Here’s the sunset when we were on our way home🌄

The outfits:

The first day⤵️

  • Top from Fashion Market (Market Market)
  • Pants from Terranova
  • Shoes from Keds
  • Cardigan from 101 New York

To the night market⤵️

  • Top from H&M

Paired with leggings and cardigan. 

The last day⤵️


  • Top from Bershka
  • Pants from Fashion Market

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Where to go?

Where to go for summer next year? Or even a getaway for this coming christmas break?

I can recommend to you this beach. Layag layag beach in Nasugbu Batangas. 

I’ve been here once and it was really a relaxing place, because when you go there it’s like you own the beach because you or your group of friends will be the only people in there. 

The water was so clear and it was fun to swim when it is high tide because of the waves. 

We rode a boat going to the island

What to do in the island?

You can go island hopping, cliff diving, build bonfire and just a relaxing conversation with friends..

About food?

You can borrow things from them in case you don’t have pan, plates or things for bonfire like that.. just ask them then they can lend you things and there’s no need to pay for borrowing it. 

But for the tent you need to pay for it, its around 200 pesos to rent it. 

I had blog this way back and if you want to see how much we spent you can check it in my previous post. 

So if you still don’t know where to go these holiday breaks or an advance plan for the summer 2017, I suggest you this and you can get the relaxing and peace that you want for your vacation. 

This beach is not that known to people but it was really a beautiful beach to see and also helping the kuya’s there so that they can have income because they were the one who will assist you and bring you to the island. 

They are accomodating and kind to answer all your questions about the beach. 

Just contact Kuya Marvin and he will be glad to accomodate you!

Kuya Marvin’s contact no: 09273913908

I hope you can visit this place and see the beauty of it. We have many beautiful natures here in the Philippines to explore to so go out and explore it. Have fun!


My Rome, Italy trip.


It’s my very first time to travel to another country and I’m so blessed that it is in Rome, Italy. 

How Rome looks like that you should include it in your travel list!

DSCN0207 DSCN9257 DSCN9340 DSCN9634

That’s some of my pictures in different historical and beautiful structures you can see in Rome, Italy. I’ve stay there for almost half a year. I was born there but I’m a Filipino because my mom and dad were both Filipino.. I need to fix some important papers there in Rome so that I can go back there easily whenever I want to. My mom is working there and I was so happy to meet the family where she had been working for almost 20 years. IMG_7211

And they were all so tall hahaha, while me and my mom were on the same height 😀

Now let’s talked about different Italian foods I have tasted!!!

I have tried so many PIZZA and they really are so delicious ❤

IMG_6430 IMG_6438IMG_6906 IMG_7134

My forever love… FRIES! ❤

IMG_6436 IMG_6645 IMG_9638

And their GELATO that you would want to buy always because it is really tasty!

IMG_6911 IMG_6702 IMG_6996 IMG_9883

Then my favorite breakfast! Cornetto as they call it but it is their bread that has full of nutella inside! ❤ But it can also have cream inside.

IMG_7423 IMG_9928

That are some of the foods you can see in Rome but there are so many to choose from.. From steak, chicken, lamb, sushi, salmon, macaroons and many more 🙂

To sum it all my trip there was so amazing and so blessed to see Top rated tourists attraction! From Colosseum, Pantheon, St.Peter’s Basilica, Castel Sant’Angelo, Spanish Steps, Piazza Venezia, Villa Borghese, Mirabilandia, Fontana di Trevi.. 






“St.Peter’s Basilica”


“Castel Sant’Angelo”


“Spanish Steps”


Piazza Venezia”




“Piazza del Popolo”


“Piazza della Minerva”


“Ponte della Musica”


“Fontana di Trevi”

When I arrived in Rome the Fontana di Trevi is under construction up until the week I will be leaving Rome.. So I didn’t have a chance to throw some coins and have a picture with it in a nice view.. But that is one of my dreams.. To see it in person and I was so blessed to do that hopefully next time I can have a nice picture in there and throw some coins 🙂

That’s all I can share about my travel to Rome, Italy! Hope you can have time and visit it also and experienced what I experienced. Amazing place, amazing people!

Arrivederci! Ti amo♥


Last Sunday morning we went to Mirabilandia. It was 5 hour drive from Rome to there. And we also paid for a stay in the hotel there for a day. 

First we go to Mirabilandia before heading to the hotel. Our things was in the pullman(big bus, with a capacity of 40 people I guess) I was with the teens who also want to go there. 

  We’ve got two days to enjoy every rides there. Here are some rides I got to try in that two days there. 

 This one is a tower in Mirabilandia where you will be going up then suddenly it will fall fast and it was really fun to try. I tried it 2 times.   

 This one’s a mini roller coaster. It was fine, my hips ache because of the sudden turns it makes. I rode it once. 
   Then this one, my favorite althought it was so extreme for me. This is called I-Speed. It is how fast the ride goes and it was all fun!

 Then this Niagara, where you will really get wet. But it was fun also. It was great for a weather that time. So hot. 
Then this laser thing. The things were amazing inside and outside. 
Then here are some that I didn’t get to ride on because I was scared and really don’t want to.   

Katun. Where you will really go upside down and it really scares me that’s why I didn’t rode on it. It is the most extreme for a roller coaster. 
Then this Phobia. A horror house. I love watching horror movies but when it comes to seeing it in person it is so creepy and I don’t like it. 
Then the hotel we stay in. 


 There are 3 bedrooms because I was with my 2 lovely cousins. And it was fine for a 4 star hotel in Rome. But I must complain for the aircon ’cause it was not that so cold. And the breakfast the next morning was fine also. 

  “Untill next time Mirabilandia”

Hoping next time I l’ve got to ride all of that. 

And for the last my outfit. But I only got to take a picture of my outfit on our second day. 


  • Top from Murashopph (IG online shop)
  • High-waisted shorts from H&M
  • Watch from Hoops watch here in Rome. 
  • Shoes from Vans 

✔️Padre Pio, Italy

Last Sunday we visit Padre Pio here in Italy. 

   I feel so blessed that I got to be there and saw it. There’s no mass but before going here we first went to Monte Sant’Angelo for a mass. Since it was near Padre Pio we attended the mass there ’cause there is no mass at the church of Padre Pio the time we arrived there.  

  “Monte Sant’Angelo”

I was so amazed by this church! I love how they structed it like this. It was like you attend a mass from way back years. Although everytime I attend a mass here in Rome it’s Italian..(I still don’t know how to speak Italian that’s why..)

 And there is my mom in that amazing view from the top 🙂 She is my photographer that time. Haha.

     The view from the top is so beautiful. Also the different things you can see inside the museum like for Padre Pio. 


Then last is my ootd. 


  • Top from Murashopph (IG shop)
  • Pants I made it ripped from TheDollHouseShop (IG shop)
  • Flat shoes from H&M
  • Watch from Hoops (italian watch)


It’s another day to wandered around Rome. Last May 9–Saturday, since my cousins don’t have class that day they tour me to the place I haven’t been. We went first to Colosseo but to bad It was being reconstruct and I wasn’t able to go inside.  


  I haven’t been inside of any known structures here in Rome, maybe if I would be with my mom next time. For the meantime just the outside first. I would be staying here for almost I don’t know how many months..

Then we went next to Giardino delle Rose.  
  I loved it! It was a super beautiful garden. 

Then we also went to a park where my cousin used to go when she was a little younger.  


” Taking pictures of every moments and making it memories that will last forever.☺️ #Rome #kristeltravelgram” – My instagram

After that walk and walk in that vicinity we feel so tired and got so hungry. It’s pizza again for lunch. It was delicious!  

  Then we stayed near the river where others also relaxed there. Did some little chitchat 🙂  

   We stayed there for almost an hour I guess. 

Then before heading home we stop by again in gelateria. I oredered the Kinder Cereali and Oreo flavor and it was so great!  

Then for the last my ootd! 

  • Top from Murashopph (online IG shop)
  • Jeans from Thedollhouseshop (also an online IG shop)
  • Flat shoes from Forever 21
  • Shades from Sunnies studios 

✔️Torino, Italia

Last May 2&3 we went to Torino, Italia.   It was like a 8 to 9 hours drive from Rome. We leave at 10:30 in the evening of May 2 and arrived at around 7 in the morning I guess. 

We first went to church to have mass. 
Then after that we went to like a museum which they explain something about the body of Jesus. 


Next stop is the church up in the mountain. It was said a church for Don Bosco. Because near that church is also the house of Don Bosco. 



It was also so beautiful up there!   


Travel here and experience also this kind of trip. Experience how amazing everything is despite of it was built long time ago. So put Italy as one of your dream destination!👍🏼