Rome, Italy 2017 (Fall season)🍁🍂

Last time I went here in Rome(2015) I didn’t get to experience fall season because I already left around october that time.

Now that I got a chance to be here until the holidays here I love dressing up for this season, so new for me but little by little learning what to mix and match!😊

Like this, it was so cold but Mr. sun is up so it’s something just right for this day…

This was near Castel San’t Angelo and streets foing to Piazza Navona💃🏻✨

  • Top from Murashopclothing (IG shop)
  • Bottom from TheDollHouseShop (IG shop)
  • Shoes from Primadonna (Pom-pom shoes😍)
  • Jacket from Alcott
  • Cardigan from 101 New York

This one was yesterday, it’s colder even though there is a sun.

This was in Circus Maximus and some places near it then at Catacomb of Callixtus.

  • Top from Bershka
  • Bottom from Tally Weijl
  • Shoes from Primadonna
  • Jacket from Alcott
  • Sling bag from Forever 21

This is the Castel San’t Angelo⤵️

Piazza Navona⤵️

Circus Maximus⤵️

(sorry I don’t have a picture of just the view, i only have pictures of me and my boyfriend✌🏻)

Catacomb of Callixtus⤵️

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“Fall” in love🍂🍁

Last saturday is our first monthsary so we went out for lunch date and to our favorite place Villa Borghese☺️

Because it’s fall season and it is getting so cold!🌬❄️

I’m loving this season even if I’m not used to cold weather🙈 because of the clothes that I got to wear and experiment matching it💃🏻

I love it because of the trees😂🍂🍁 and it’s my first time experiencing it so I was so amaze with everything, can’t wait for the Holiday season for this year!🎄🎄🎄

  • Top from mama
  • Bottom is Leggings
  • Boots

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Because I’m so fond of doing love letters and it is one of my way to express how I really feel, I did some for him☺️

Red cards because color of love and green cards because it’s his favorite color💚

And I didn’t expect that he’ll give me something, so I appreciate it so much!😍

Here’s his gift for meeee✨


Autumn clothes

Since I’ll be still staying here in Rome, Italy I need to wear proper clothes so that I won’t get so cold, especially the weather in here is really starting to get cold.

I’m new in styling these kind of clothes, so I’ll start with basic styling.

For this one, I pair this top from bershka with my black high-waisted pants and the boots plus the jacket from mama👌🏻

  • Top from Bershka
  • Pants from TheDollHouseShop (IG shop)

And for this another top, still from bershka, I paired it with my simple pants and high heels boots.

  • Top from Bershka
  • Pants from Forme Clothing
  • Necklace from Swarovski (a gift from my mom)

With black jacket, again from mama☺️

And hello to my boyfriend right beside me😘

How I wish we have a season like this in the Philippines, but sadly we don’t. So I’ll just enjoy my stay here for a while and try every possible style for this season💃🏻🍂🍁🍂

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Pisa, Italy🇮🇹

Finally! After how many attempts of going to Pisa, this time we’ve finally made it.

The first attempt was last 2015, my first time in Italy, we didn’t go because we don’t have much time and i’m already going back to Philippines, the second time still can’t fix the date and time and people who want to go with us, then for that third time, finally!😍

Pisa, Italy is best known for its leaning tower.

It is located in the northern half of Tuscany, not far from the coast and about an hour west of Florence.

From Rome going to Pisa we ride the train first going to Florence for an hour and a half then from there we ride again the train going to Pisa for about an hour.

Popular photo opportunity with tourists is to pose as if one was either holding up or pushing over the tower.

And because it’s the famous pose, everyone in that place has been doing the same poses😂 so that makes the people around there to look like they are in thriller music video😂✌🏻 And also doing different poses was sooo difficult especially if you are not so good in taking pictures but it’s alright it’s part of the experience in going to that Leaning tower of Pisa.

Here are some of me and my mom’s epic fail pose!😅😅😅

Either it’s not in the right position or there are photobombers😂

But still we have fine pictures and some of it my uncle edited it because he’s good at it and it’s his work.

Then here are some other places around,

We also ate lunch near the tower and the food was great👌🏻

Then for my ootd⤵️⤵️⤵️

  • Top from Zara
  • Jeans from Tally Weijl
  • Flat shoes from H&M


Zaanse Schans, North Holland🇳🇱

For our second day in Netherlands, after breakfast and checking out in the hotel…

We went to Zaanse Schans.

Zaanse Schans is a neighbourhood of Zaandam, near Zaandijk in the Netherlands.

Zaanse Schans is simply a town full of extraordinarily well-preserved architecture and traditions.

It is full of wooden houses, windmills, barns and workshops.

Be sure not to miss the cheese factory!👌🏻
Have a taste on different kinds of cheese and then you can buy it.

Then they also sell foods with cheese in the corner like nachos, sandwiches, snacks and more.

There is also a Zaanse Schans Museum.
But we didn't go inside so I don't know what to see in there but I think it's all about what you can see around the area.

Here are some of the places around it, with its windmills, museums, nature and culture where you can experience the industrial history of Netherlands. (with my mom as the model👍🏻😄)

They also have some pretty gardens around it💕

Also I love the houses with black paints, and other scenery in there.

To travel with my mom around Europe is one of my bucketlist and I am happy that we are doing it little by little👌🏻❤️

Also they have photographers roaming around and taking pictures of you then you can buy them if you want and it will be with a calendar in it.

Ootd ⤵️⤵️⤵️

"When in Zaanse Schans🇳🇱💃🏻"
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  • Romper from Tally Weijl
  • Flat shoes from H&M
  • Bag from Forever 21
  • Cardigan from 101 New York



Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands.

It was a great trip, specially the day we arrived there, there was a festival – Amsterdam Gay Pride is a yearly local LGBT parade of boats in Amsterdam's canals, held on the first Saturday in August.

After the ride on the boat, next was the hop on hop off bus. It was 28 euro if you want to ride both, the bus and the boat. The ticket is also good for 24 hours👍🏻

Amsterdam is known for its artistic heritage, elaborate canal system and narrow houses with gabled facades, legacies of the city’s 17th-century Golden Age.

Its Museum District houses the Van Gogh Museum, works by Rembrandt and Vermeer at the Rijksmuseum, and modern art at the Stedelijk.

Cycling is key to the city’s character, and there are numerous bike paths.

Because there was a festival the day we arrived, the people was all around and it was fun because there is also a party🎉💃🏻

Anne Frank House is a writer's house and biographical museum dedicated to Jewish wartime diarist Anne Frank.

The building is located on a canal called the Prinsengracht, close to the Westerkerk, in central Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

And the foods😍 Because not all can be found in Italy, and I miss these foods I feel happy that I got to taste it again👌🏻

KFC ⤵️


Because I love macarons I just need to try it here in Amsterdam👌🏻

Also in Italy there is no Forever 21, and because I love that store, I also go there in Amsterdam👍🏻☺️

After strolling in the city of Amsterdam, we went to Volendam.

Volendam is a Dutch town on the Markermeer Lake, northeast of Amsterdam.

It’s known for its colorful wooden houses and the old fishing boats in its harbor, which is lined with seafood vendors.

After that we went to our hotel, we stay there for a night and it was worth it, it was a nice hotel👌🏻

Ootd ⤵️⤵️⤵️

"When in Amsterdam"
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  • Top from Suite Benedict
  • Bottom from Zuiki Italia
  • Flat shoes from Parfois
  • Cardigan from 101 New York
  • Bag from Forever 21



Watched cinema with mama❤️👌🏻

“Spiderman : Homecoming” film was great, it still has the essence of the story of spiderman. It’s a must watch movie👍🏻

Even though it’s in Italian language(I don’t understand much) but I still enjoy watching it👍🏻😂 I’ll just download it later in english when it’s available and re-watch😂

When summer it’s best to wear something comfy and not that so hot to wear, specially when you will be walking around under the sun. 

Keep it simple and basic to begin with👌🏻

Something you’ll be comfortable for the whole day☺️

  • Bodysuit from Glizyglamshop
  • Shorts from Upim 
  • Shoes from Keds


Venice, Italy🌹

A day tour in Venice with mama❤️

We left Roma at around 11 in the evening then we arrived at Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua the next day at around 5 in the morning. 

Since this church is near Venice we decide to stop by before going to Venice. 

Then going to Venice, you need to ride a boat, it is about 45 mins. ride I guess..

We arrived at Venice at around 9 in the morning. 

First thing on the itinerary was the ride to Gondole, it was by group of 6 because the ride was a bit expensive so our tour guide decided to do it by group, it was suppose to be 80 euro for that ride, since it is by group it became 13 euro each person. 

They say you didn’t see well Venice if you didn’t ride this Gondole!👌🏻

It was worth it because you can really see the beauty of Venice!

After that we were given a chance to roam around Venice the way we want. 

As well as to have our lunch wherever we want. 

Then at 1 o’clock we need to go back to the boat so that we could go to the Murano Glass

Here they made different kinds of glass and it was wonderful pieces.

Also they have accessories and I bought some👌🏻💜

Then at 3:30 we ride the boat again going back to the port because our bus was there. 

“Embroidered🌹 and ribbon🎀 kind of a day in Venice.”

  • Co-ordinates from Fabyoulookss (IG shop)
  • Sandals from Forever 21

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Colosseo and Fontana di Trevi 2017💜

Even if I’ve been here many times I will still be amaze by it everytime! But maybe next time I can go inside..

Colosseo –  it was used for gladiatorial contests and public spectacles..

My most favorite in Roma is this Fontana di Trevi!❤️ I would always want to go here and just stare how beautiful this is! And finally I had threw coins for two times. 
Last two years ago when I came here in Rome it was in construction so I cannot throw some coins and be so close to it. 

But this time it’s done!!!

The first time I threw coin, when I was with my cousins, and it was also a day before my birthday! 

The second time, was with my cousins friend, it was at night, and still it was even beautiful at night!

Fontana di Trevithey say that the first coin you’ll throw guarantees your return to Rome. Second will ensure a new romance. Third leads to marriage…🤔

So let’s see if this is trueee. Hahaha. 

And thanks to my beautiful tour guide cousins, always!❤️ also photographer👌🏻😘

Behind the picturesss😂😂😂

Then we ate lunch at 100 montaditos, one of my favorite resto here in Rome..


Some other beautiful places near Colosseo and Fontanadi Trevi👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • Off shoulder top from DapperLookPH (IG shop)
  • High-waisted jeans from Thedollhousehop (IG shop)
  • Shoes from Keds

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Capones Vista Resort

Another beach to go to is this Capones Vista Resort in Zambales. 

It is a beach resort, it was a relaxing place because not that so many people are in there plus there are also so many resorts around it so there are many choices. 

It’s a family outing, so we are like 20 all in all or more (I forgot to count haha). There are rooms to stay, from 2 people to family rooms. 

We choose 1 family rooms that has a capacity of 8 persons. Then the other rooms we choose are for I guess 4-5 persons (3 rooms of that because we are so many haha) 

Here is the room(and the bathroom) for 4-5 persons🔽

Here is the family room🔽

Also we inquire early for this and reserved it that’s why when we arrived there it’s all done. 

Our supposed vacation was in el nido palawan but if we will just stay for a night or two it won’t be worth it because if we go to palawan that 1 day will be all for travelling to the island and all, not all of us are free for more days only for 1-2 days so we decided to just be in Zambales which is a nice and wonderful place. Maybe next time for Palawan 🙂

We leave at around 8 in the morning, 2 cars, then I think we arrived there in Zambales at around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. 

with my crazy cousins⤴️

we ate lunch at Mang Inasal in Zambales⤴️

There is check in and check out, check in is at 3 pm and check out the other day is 1 pm. 

We tried the pools since we can’t do island hopping because it’s already afternoon it is best if it is done in the morning so we decided to just do it the next day. 

For the first day, 

They have 2 pools one for the children and for the adults. The pools for children is not that small and it is like an infinity pool.


Then when you go down there you can see the beach, the waves are big so it’s also good for surfing. 

I love sunsets so after trying the swimming pool, my cousins and I decided to go to the beach and wait until sunset and it was such a beautiful scenery!😍

Then at night we grilled pork, fish, then the adobo we’ve brought. The grill is also included in the family room and there is also a table and chairs outside the room and its like a terrace. 

The pools at night was beautiful because of the lights under it. 

Also there is wifi in the resort. 

Then the rooms have TV, aircon and own bathroom which is so nice! After dinner some of my little cousins go to swimming pool again but me and my cousins who are the same age as me decided to just stay in the room and just chill and eat snacks.


Second day,

I totally forgot about the sunrise when I woke up the sun is already out. 

We change clothes for our island hopping later, we still need to eat breakfast. 

Because it’s the 75th birthday of the sister of my grandma so we decided to surprise her for the morning, the plan is just to have breakfast for that morning she didn’t know we bought cake yesterday, after eating their delicious tapsilog, the staffs in their bring out the cake and she was surprised and we sang a happy birthday!🎉

After that, not all of us are going to island hopping. At around 8 in the morning we decided to do the island hopping, we are only 11, we ride a boat to the first island the, 

Camara Island

The ride was like 15-20 mins. and when we reach that island it was not that big island but the water in there was beautiful and the rocks formations was fun to go up but I was scared so my other cousin was the one to go up in the different rocks. 

Next island(I forgot the name haha), 

The ride was also like 15-20 mins. 

It was bigger than the first island and it was beautiful! We take pictures withe background of the big rock and in the other side there are also rocks you can go up to, this time I tried to go up and it was a fun experience!

Last island is the, 

Anawangin Island

The ride was about 25-30 mins. 

It is much bigger than the two island and it has a resort so there are many people staying in there, there is also a souvenir shop so we bought some then after that my cousin did the henna tattoo for 100 pesos. 

After that we decided to swim for a while in the beach the water is fine and the sand is not that white sand but its fine but the view was so beautiful!!👌🏻😍 and under the water was also sand so no need to worry if it will hurt your feet because of rocks under because there are no rocks under the water just the sand. 

After pictures here and there we decided to go back to the resort at around 10:30 in the morning because we will be checking out at 1 pm and we still need to prepare our things. 

Even our stay is not that long I enjoyed it because i’m with my family and it’s been a long time since we do outings like this, I missed it! Hoping for another trip like this next year!😊

So before the summer ends try this resort you will not be disappointed with it and you will surely have fun! It is like you are living in there and the beach is just there you could go whenever you like. 

I could live in an island if it is like this, I think I could survive haha, I just love the waves so much, how it relaxes you so much! Then the sunrise and sunset plus stargazing at night, what a life could that be!✨

Again, I will always say this, we have many beautiful beaches here in the Philippines so why not try to explore it and you will be amaze by it! It is really more fun in the Philippines!

Sorry I don’t have the computations of the expenses because it was paid all in all but I think it was around 20,000-30,000 – all of us 20 persons. 

Here are my ootd’s:

For the first day,

Ootd before changing into swimsuit,

  • Romper from St. francis square

Swimsuit ootd,

  • Top from Ripcurl
  • Shorts from Fashion Market

For the second day,

  • One piece from VanillaBreezeClothing (IG shop)
  • Shorts from Vintageshortsph (IG shop)

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