Christmas season in Rome Italy🎄🇮🇹

Last year it is my first time to experience Christmas in other country, in a country where I was born – Rome, Italy🎄❤️






  • With mama and aunt

❤️🎄Christmas Day🎄❤️

They all say that Christmas there is not that so happy like here in the Philippines, but since it is my first time, for me it is such a great experience, most especially it is also my first time to be with my mom on a special holidays like this and to be with my other relatives.

Holidays like this is one of my favorites!🎄❤️

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New Years Eve 2016

For the year 2017, one of the lucky color is yellow. So we wear yellow for a good luck in this year 2017. 

Here’s our media noche⤵️

More foods, more fun😄

We have pansit, barbeque, hotdogs, circle fruits, blueberry cheesecake from contis and wine!😋

A cheers to welcome new year with the family!💛💛💛

Keeping it simple for the new year. 

2016 has been a both good and bad year for me. Bad because I just realized that some things are really not meant to stay forever. But still thankful for everything that happened because it teaches me that there’s a lot to see in life.

To love myself first before anything else.  

Thankful for all the people who is always there for me no matter what happened. 

Thankful to God for always guiding me and giving me strength in everything that I do in life.

So whatever challenge in life this 2017, I will be ready for it. 🙏🏻👩🏻‍🎓✈️💼❤️


Christmas 2016

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, where everyone is busy preparing for it. 

It’s the birth of our Lord and we should be all thankful for that. 

The past years I remember we used to do the noche buena but when my grandma died, we didn’t do noche buena anymore. But it’s fine, I got used to it. The whole day of Christmas day, 25th, we go to church, eat together, exchange gifts together. 

Christmas for me is about family. Celebrating it with your family and going to church together, giving gifts to each other and eating together with your family. 

As for our family since my grandma died, after church we always go to the cemetery to pay a visit to our beloved grandma. 

It is not always that you’re with your family so it feels so good when there’s get together/reunion. 

⤴️This was our lunch for that day. 

⤴️Gift giving time. 

⤴️Twinning with my cousin. 

⤴️Picture taking with the cousins. That last picture they were trying not to smile, but it looks like they will blast out in laugh any minute😂✌🏻

The last part as always my outfit:

There is always that one thing when you saw it for the first time you really want to buy it, just like this off shoulder top😍

“Learn to love yourself and everything will be fine✨✨✨”


  • Off shoulder top from Fashion Market(Market Market)
  • High Waisted jeans from HighFivebrands (IG shop)
  • Shoes from Keds

Check out my instagram for other pictures☺️


Simple and clean⚪️

Let’s go back to wearing shorts again when going out 🙂

Last last week we went again to the mini Venice in the Philippines. The first time I went there, there were only few stores and restaurant open but as of today many restaurant and stores are added. 

They also have the boat just like in the real Venice in Italia. 

Then we headed to have lunch at TGIFridays in Glorietta. 

“Picture with the fam💕”

“Then I tried their Ultimate June Bag Cocktail. It was great👌🏻”

“We oredered grilled foods and our dessert is oreo and brownie”

Here’s the details of my outfit:

  • Top from Murashopphclothing (IG shop)
  • High-waisted shorts from Mygirlythingfashion (IG shop)
  • Shoes from H&M

That’s all☺️ I hope you enjoy the story behind every outfit I wear💜



Yesterday I celebrated my 20th birthday. And honestly I don’t feel like I was really 20 years feels like yesterday I was 18 and having my debut, now no more teen on my age. 

But being an adult has many things to consider. Many things to learn. Accepting many things you will know more about yourself. And I know there will still be fun, sad, stress, excitement, etc., in every thing that you will do with your life. 

So yesterday I just want to celebrate my birthday in a simple way. My family and friends with me having a simple birthday party. 

But my friends love surprises so they did surprise me…

In our squad we love surprising each other with smashing fresh eggs in the head of the celebrant and this is what they’ve done to me🙈

So after that I had a hard time washing it off😅

Then we eat after that. And because I know the surprises of my squad I’m prepared and have changed into another ootd 🙂

~with my lil’ cousins

~with my cousins again


~with my loving aunt and cousins

Then we play beerpong after. It’s boys vs. girls. 
It was really a fun day being with your family and friends on your birthday❤️

So that’s all I want to share about my 20th birthday. 

I’ll be posting next my outfits yesterday. 


NYE 2015

A family pictures is a must for us💙

Our shirt is from online shop: Shortcuts apparel 

Lucky color: Blue, White, Gold for 2016. 

Because holidays like these should be spent with your family. That is the spirit of Christmas and New Year. 

It’s just once a year moment might as well spent it with the people you love the most!

•Some of our foods for new years eve❤️


•Some of the fireworks I had captured. It was not so many because during the time of countdown it started to rain. 


 •For my ootd!

  • Pocket tee from Shortcutsapparel
  • Shorts from Cotton On


My Christmas :)


“Spending Christmas with family is always a good idea. A true meaning of Christmas!”

In our family we don’t usually celebrate Christmas Eve, maybe we are not accustomed to it.. But when the day of 25th turned we always go to church. Thanking God for everything and celebrating His birthday also:) After that, since my grandma is in *heaven* now.. we always go to the cemetery after the Christmas mass to also pray and to feel also that she is always with us even though she is not literally here..(that’s why the background is in cemetery 😀 ) After that we go home then its gift giving time 🙂 We go to our godparents for our Christmas gift.


And here are the foods we have for Christmas this year. We have Pesto(upper left picture), my aunt cooked it, we do the pesto sauce. Next is the Chicken Flambe(lower left), I think this is a French dish but we love it here in the Philippines, ’cause it is so delicious! Then we have sweets, the Mango Bravo Cake from Conti’s Pastry Shop and also the Ginger bread house from my other aunt, my little cousins loved it ’cause you can eat all of it 🙂


10884681_828922800500684_1277454207_n 10884558_828922743834023_2097363253_n

A little ootd here 🙂

  • Top and shoes from Forever 21
  • Distressed pants from Sm Department store
  • Watch from Breil (first time to wear it, from my godmother)