Capones Vista Resort

Another beach to go to is this Capones Vista Resort in Zambales. 

It is a beach resort, it was a relaxing place because not that so many people are in there plus there are also so many resorts around it so there are many choices. 

It’s a family outing, so we are like 20 all in all or more (I forgot to count haha). There are rooms to stay, from 2 people to family rooms. 

We choose 1 family rooms that has a capacity of 8 persons. Then the other rooms we choose are for I guess 4-5 persons (3 rooms of that because we are so many haha) 

Here is the room(and the bathroom) for 4-5 persons🔽

Here is the family room🔽

Also we inquire early for this and reserved it that’s why when we arrived there it’s all done. 

Our supposed vacation was in el nido palawan but if we will just stay for a night or two it won’t be worth it because if we go to palawan that 1 day will be all for travelling to the island and all, not all of us are free for more days only for 1-2 days so we decided to just be in Zambales which is a nice and wonderful place. Maybe next time for Palawan 🙂

We leave at around 8 in the morning, 2 cars, then I think we arrived there in Zambales at around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. 

with my crazy cousins⤴️

we ate lunch at Mang Inasal in Zambales⤴️

There is check in and check out, check in is at 3 pm and check out the other day is 1 pm. 

We tried the pools since we can’t do island hopping because it’s already afternoon it is best if it is done in the morning so we decided to just do it the next day. 

For the first day, 

They have 2 pools one for the children and for the adults. The pools for children is not that small and it is like an infinity pool.


Then when you go down there you can see the beach, the waves are big so it’s also good for surfing. 

I love sunsets so after trying the swimming pool, my cousins and I decided to go to the beach and wait until sunset and it was such a beautiful scenery!😍

Then at night we grilled pork, fish, then the adobo we’ve brought. The grill is also included in the family room and there is also a table and chairs outside the room and its like a terrace. 

The pools at night was beautiful because of the lights under it. 

Also there is wifi in the resort. 

Then the rooms have TV, aircon and own bathroom which is so nice! After dinner some of my little cousins go to swimming pool again but me and my cousins who are the same age as me decided to just stay in the room and just chill and eat snacks.


Second day,

I totally forgot about the sunrise when I woke up the sun is already out. 

We change clothes for our island hopping later, we still need to eat breakfast. 

Because it’s the 75th birthday of the sister of my grandma so we decided to surprise her for the morning, the plan is just to have breakfast for that morning she didn’t know we bought cake yesterday, after eating their delicious tapsilog, the staffs in their bring out the cake and she was surprised and we sang a happy birthday!🎉

After that, not all of us are going to island hopping. At around 8 in the morning we decided to do the island hopping, we are only 11, we ride a boat to the first island the, 

Camara Island

The ride was like 15-20 mins. and when we reach that island it was not that big island but the water in there was beautiful and the rocks formations was fun to go up but I was scared so my other cousin was the one to go up in the different rocks. 

Next island(I forgot the name haha), 

The ride was also like 15-20 mins. 

It was bigger than the first island and it was beautiful! We take pictures withe background of the big rock and in the other side there are also rocks you can go up to, this time I tried to go up and it was a fun experience!

Last island is the, 

Anawangin Island

The ride was about 25-30 mins. 

It is much bigger than the two island and it has a resort so there are many people staying in there, there is also a souvenir shop so we bought some then after that my cousin did the henna tattoo for 100 pesos. 

After that we decided to swim for a while in the beach the water is fine and the sand is not that white sand but its fine but the view was so beautiful!!👌🏻😍 and under the water was also sand so no need to worry if it will hurt your feet because of rocks under because there are no rocks under the water just the sand. 

After pictures here and there we decided to go back to the resort at around 10:30 in the morning because we will be checking out at 1 pm and we still need to prepare our things. 

Even our stay is not that long I enjoyed it because i’m with my family and it’s been a long time since we do outings like this, I missed it! Hoping for another trip like this next year!😊

So before the summer ends try this resort you will not be disappointed with it and you will surely have fun! It is like you are living in there and the beach is just there you could go whenever you like. 

I could live in an island if it is like this, I think I could survive haha, I just love the waves so much, how it relaxes you so much! Then the sunrise and sunset plus stargazing at night, what a life could that be!✨

Again, I will always say this, we have many beautiful beaches here in the Philippines so why not try to explore it and you will be amaze by it! It is really more fun in the Philippines!

Sorry I don’t have the computations of the expenses because it was paid all in all but I think it was around 20,000-30,000 – all of us 20 persons. 

Here are my ootd’s:

For the first day,

Ootd before changing into swimsuit,

  • Romper from St. francis square

Swimsuit ootd,

  • Top from Ripcurl
  • Shorts from Fashion Market

For the second day,

  • One piece from VanillaBreezeClothing (IG shop)
  • Shorts from Vintageshortsph (IG shop)

Ig account — kristelbotana