College Gaduation❤️🎓 (UE – Manila)

BOTANA, KRISTEL MARIEBachelor of Science in Accounting Technology

University of the East – Manila

Class of 2017


I didn’t know anything about it at first I thought you will just study again for another 4 or 5 years(depends on the course) just like in high school but it is not just that, you will learn to value everything in the process because when you don’t give your very best in it you can’t finish it ’till the last sem. All the struggles were real.. passed, failed, repeat, sleepless nights, summer class, stress, pressure and all of it, but it will ALL BE WORTH IT!!! 
I did failed many times in some of my subjects, there was a time that I don’t want to continue it because of the pressure and a lot of stress but I think again and tell myself its just a year away to be able to graduate so why not continue it, continue it not just for me but also for my mom to be proud of me and my relatives! I’ve always stuck in my mind that after I graduated from college I will be the first one in our family who will graduate in college, I want them to know that I’m different and I can do things that they say I can’t. It’s not just that I want to prove it to them but also for them to be proud of me somehow. 

Because I know, and I admit that I am a happy go lucky person but when I am serious in one thing I do all my best in it, I know that all of this will be for me, for the future, I understand them for being so pushy to study well and now that I finished studying in college, next step will be just the real starting point of life – working👍🏻
But the real struggle is when I was left behind, all of my batchmates had graduated, I stopped one sem because I had to fix something in Roma, where I was born. I could have catch up to them if I don’t have back subjects but sadly I have so I need to do it na on my own. I did summer classes so that I can really graduate this year. I was like new again this time because I don’t know much people in the next batch, so I just focus more in studying(kasi wala ng kokopyahan hahahaha✌🏻) but that last sem was great and I was thankful to the people whom I got along with, laugh with and share moments with even in a short period of time😊😊
I want to thank GOD for guiding me everyday of my travel from our home to school in Manila, they say that studying in Manila is unsafe but I was so thankful and blessed that all through out that 5 years of studying in Manila commuting everyday (including going home late because my subjects are up to 7:30 or 9) I haven’t experience anything bad along the way. 

Also for giving me enough strength and knowledge everyday🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️
Second is my MAMA for the unconditional love and support for me. Although I was so “pasaway” and “matigas ang ulo” she was still there to guide me and love me, because she is my mother. I really appreciate all the things you’ve done for me mama for me to finish studying up to college, specially you’re a single parent🙌🏻😘❤️

Mama thank you for all of it! I love you so much mama always!❤️😘😘😘 

All my friends and classmates who supported me all the way!❤️❤️❤️

My friends that are always there and understands me well. Whenever I had a problem they will always be there to listen and gives me advice👯❤️ 

And my cousins, even though with them not everything is serious but when it comes to supporting each other I know I can rely on them so much👌🏻❤️

All my professors, I’ve learn so much from them and not only with the subjects they are teaching but also with the life lessons they always include for us to realize everything and pursue to really finish studying!🙌🏻👩🏻‍🏫👨🏻‍🏫
I may not have any honors and medals, but to just graduate in college is a big thing now, not everyone will be given a chance to study until the very last sem. You just need to really focus well in studying so you won’t fail and continue achieving your dreams. 

Go confidently in the directions of your dreams and live the life you have imagine✨

Congratulations graduates of class 2017🎓❤️🎉


Graduation day pictures…

With my aunt who’s always there for me and my cousins because our parents are working abroad, she’s the one taking care of us❤️🙌🏻

BEST OOTD details:

Make up by yours truly😌

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  • Dress from St. Francis mall
  • Shoes from So Fab!
  • Earings & Necklace from Swarovski (gift from mama💙)