Villa Cleofas, Cagbalete Mauban Quezon🌊

Because it’s summer, where else will you go? Of course in the beach!!!

I recommend you this beautiful beach in Quezon Province, just 4-5 hours drive..

There will be many choices of resorts, but I guess Villa Cleofas is a great choice because of its beautiful sandbar. 

We leave at around 5 in the morning then we arrived in Mauban Quezon around 10 in the morning. 

Upon arriving there you need to ride the public boat to go to the island, or if you are with group and you want to go with private boat you can also. In public boat you need to pay 100(one way) pesos. 

For private boat it is around 3000(two way) Also you will be paying for environmental fee for 50 pesos. 

One more thing, if someone ask if you want to ride a trike to go to the office where you will pay the public boat, environmental fee and others, I would suggest no need because it was so near, no need to ride the trike, but if you really want to it’s okay 🙂 but for people in tight budget you can walk because it is just near.  

While on the boat we did the famous pose, it was so scary the first time we try it but when you’re in there it was amazing!👌🏻

When you arrived at your chosen resort you need to pay for the rent fee(even if you brought your own tent) it will be 250 for 3 persons. Then entrance fee of 50 pesos. 

You can bring a superkalan if you want(there will be no charge for it) also bring your own food I would suggest, specially if you’re on a tight budget with your friends. But in Villa Cleofas resort they have available and ready foods there but it costs a bit much. 

It is not yet much crowded maybe because they have lots of resorts to go to and not all people knew about it. So it’s your chance now to go there before it become so crowded as time goes by. 

After paying all of the things needed to be paid we decided to fix the tent then start doing our lunch(sinigang na baboy) then after all of it after eating lunch we decided to go for a swim since it’s not that so sunny.

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Wherever you look it was so amazing, everthing was beautiful and also instagrammable 🙂

Didn’t know that we have a beach like this in the Philippines!

Then after that we decided to just stay in the tent,

 also if you would ask about the toilet, it was fine but the water is not that much especially if everyone is using it, if you woke up in the morning at around 3 or 4, or just when everyone is sleeping, then there will be more water 🙂

One more thing about being on the beach you can see the beautiful night view just like this and the waves that really calms you!

We have brought 3 tent with us, we are 8 in the group and the 2 couples was in the separate tent while the other couple and me and my other friend who is also single shared in the big tent( it was like we won’t be going home for a month hahaha, the tent was that so big)

 it was so great, 3 coupled friends then you and your friend is single, it was fun!✌🏻😂 #singleproblems

And here we are just their photographer😂

The next day we cooked our breakfast, since the only food left is the pork and hotdog to be grilled we cooked it then while waiting for it to be cooked, someone from the island approach us and asked us if we want to go for island hopping plus snorkeling for just 1500 (our own time and it will be for all of us, 8 people) we go for it because it was so affordable and we are already in the beach why not seize the moment enjoy whatever there will be on that beach!

So after eating breakfast we decided to go at around 9 in the morning, since it’s lowtide we walked so long until we reached the boat that we will be riding(as I remembered we walk and walk and walk it’s like we are in the middle of the ocean because of that long long walk to the boat)

We sail about 30-45 mins. I guess, to be able to go to the other island(Sandbar Island) another island that has a beautiful sandbar and the famous mangrove tree! 

Then after a minute of taking pictures here and there we decided to go to the next activity which is the snorkeling!

Here we are again, single life👍🏻😂

Again it was like 30-45 mins. boat ride and then we stop at the ocean near another island and there we put on our life vest and started swimming in the ocean and then we saw different kind of fish in that part of the ocean. It was amazing, to be honest it was my first time doing snorkeling so I was so amazed by what I saw under the water. 

If only my Iphone is really really water proof I would have video it under the water but I didn’t take the risk to check if my Iphone is water proof because as I remembered Iphone 7 is just water resistant not water proof hahaha. 

After that we go back to the resort and then started fixing our things ’cause we would be leaving in the afternoon. 

We need to ride again another boat for us to go back to the port where our car is, it will be 1500 again(more like it is a private boat, just me and my friends were on that boat plus the boat driver😊) divided for us 8 so it is around 200 pesos. The ride going back would take an hour or so because it will be directly on the port, unlike the first day(going to the island and the resort) it was 150 pesos because 100 pesos for the public boat(it is just in Cagbalete Island, resorts are in different places) then 50 pesos for another boat for the transfer in the resort(Villa Cleofas Resort)
It was so sad to leave that place because it was really beautiful and relaxing place! 

If there would be time again, I would love to go back here with my squad again!❤️🙌🏻

Expenses: ₽2140 per head 

Van • ₽7900 (990 per head, 8 people)

Foods • ₽2000 (250 per head, 8 people)

Public boat • ₽100 per head

Another boat transfer in the resort • ₽50 per head

Private boat (going back to port) • ₽1500 (200 per head)

Entrance fee • ₽50 per head

Environmental fee • ₽50 per head

Tent fee • ₽250 (for 3 persons)

Island hopping & Snorkeling • ₽1500 (for 8 people)

 “Life in beach🌊💙👌🏻”
Check my IG account for other pictures

⏩ kristelbotana ⏪



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