Start-up Cafe

Last week my cousins and I tried this newly built cafe near our area(Pateros Metro Manila), surprisingly the food tastes great! 

The only thing is the place was a bit small to accomodate all the people, but I think they are now trying to fix that thing now, especially when the food taste great I’m sure many people would love to come again. 

But overall everything was great, so if you’re near the area you should try it also! 

It is just on the 2nd floor of the building where China bank Pateros is located. 

I think everyday they have different menu. 

Here are some of the foods we ordered:

“Blueberry cheesecake and Java Chip Frappe”

“White choco mousse”

“Pasta Bolognaise” (with my cousin in the background hahaha)


Also they have a great wifi connection so it is great to hang out here with friends and family👍🏻

#KaKaL (Kape kape lang👍🏻😂☕️)


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