Baguio city🌲

It’s my second time in Baguio and I can still remeber that the first time we went there it was so cold, but this time it’s not that cold, at night you can sleep without electric fan but in the morning up to the afternoon the weather is fine. 

We leave by 12 midnight then we arrived there at around 5:30 in the morning, we checked first where we could stay for 1 night. 

We checked-in in Ina Mansion, it was nice and how the room was build was cute! There is a living room, 2 bedrooms(upstairs), kitchen, comfort room, the balcony👌🏻(the price is around 4000 to 4500 pesos, we are 9 persons in the room)

After that we roam around the city. 

Then when we got tired we came back to the hotel and stay until the night, because we decided to go to  night market. 

While the others are preparing we take pictures first☺️ and that’s the view at night✨

Here’s my cousin showing the SM in Baguio😄

In that night market everything was in low prices! But so many, as in many people, so it is not that so easy to shop. 

Then the next morning we checked out at 11 in the morning, since we have a car we can still roam around then eat lunch then last stop in Benguet. 

We went to the Lourdes grotto⤵️

You need to climb up I think at around 252 steps. 

And the view from the top was amazing!✨

La Trinidad strawberry fields in Benguet ⤵️ 

And because we are in the place where there are so many strawberry my cousins tried the strawberry ice cream!🍦

That sums up our Baguio trip. It was amazing especially when you travel with cousins☺️

Here’s the sunset when we were on our way home🌄

The outfits:

The first day⤵️

  • Top from Fashion Market (Market Market)
  • Pants from Terranova
  • Shoes from Keds
  • Cardigan from 101 New York

To the night market⤵️

  • Top from H&M

Paired with leggings and cardigan. 

The last day⤵️


  • Top from Bershka
  • Pants from Fashion Market

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