Where to go?

Where to go for summer next year? Or even a getaway for this coming christmas break?

I can recommend to you this beach. Layag layag beach in Nasugbu Batangas. 

I’ve been here once and it was really a relaxing place, because when you go there it’s like you own the beach because you or your group of friends will be the only people in there. 

The water was so clear and it was fun to swim when it is high tide because of the waves. 

We rode a boat going to the island

What to do in the island?

You can go island hopping, cliff diving, build bonfire and just a relaxing conversation with friends..

About food?

You can borrow things from them in case you don’t have pan, plates or things for bonfire like that.. just ask them then they can lend you things and there’s no need to pay for borrowing it. 

But for the tent you need to pay for it, its around 200 pesos to rent it. 

I had blog this way back and if you want to see how much we spent you can check it in my previous post. 

So if you still don’t know where to go these holiday breaks or an advance plan for the summer 2017, I suggest you this and you can get the relaxing and peace that you want for your vacation. 

This beach is not that known to people but it was really a beautiful beach to see and also helping the kuya’s there so that they can have income because they were the one who will assist you and bring you to the island. 

They are accomodating and kind to answer all your questions about the beach. 

Just contact Kuya Marvin and he will be glad to accomodate you!

Kuya Marvin’s contact no: 09273913908

I hope you can visit this place and see the beauty of it. We have many beautiful natures here in the Philippines to explore to so go out and explore it. Have fun!



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