Pinto Art Museum

It’s been how many weeks since me and my girlfriends went to Antipolo in Pinto Art Museum..

Pinto Art Museum is one of the places here in the Philippines you should visit! It is worth it! Everything you will see in there is really an art to appreciate. 

“Off shoulder-Romper-Dress-Romper-Off shoulder”

You should go with a group of friends because it is more fun and more enjoyable, with the perfect outfits! Instagramable posts!

One of my favorite shot is this dab we did!

And also the purpose of going there with your friends was to have a photographer also for your solo shots hahaha. Here are some of mine..

You can check my instagram: kristelbotana 

And as always the last part is for my ootd 🙂

  • Off shoulder top from Bershka in Italy
  • High-waisted shorts from Cotton On
  • Sandals from Forever 21

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