Black xx Green✖️💚

               “A bit of green to be paired with black✖️💚 #ootd #wiwt #itsKMB #hm #TALLYstyle

I’m not really fond of any other colors except for my very favorite purple and black. But I guess change is also a good thing with this part. And knowing how fashion works through the years, taking risks to it is more fun than staying with just one look and not open for other things in fashion. 

By doing this blog about my fashion taste gives me more ideas on what would look better for me but I am still hoping I could learn more. In the right time I hope so. Because if you will ask me, what I really love to do is this things related to fashion. 

There are more of my ootd’s on my instagram. Check it out and tell me what can you say about my own ootd’s — K🐘’s IG

“Begin and end your day with a smile. Always👌🏻” — Check this one out 🙂

Here’s the details:

  • Top from H&M
  • Shorts from Tally Weijl
  • Bag from Carpisa
  • Shoes from H&M

I hope you enjoying dropping by my website and reading it☺️


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