Layag layag beach🌊

Last tuesday afternoon we went to nasugbu batangas to see the layag layag island. We planned this for almost how many weeks and finally our plan trip happened!

Here’s the picture on our way to the island.

We arrived there around 5 in the afternoon. Since this island don’t have anything like electricity & comfort room.. Our only light was the bonfire and the flashlights we’ve brought. Our comfort room was anywhere there(hahaha) since we are the only people also on the island that day and the next day.

That time it was lowtide so we saw these rocks.
We rented one tent and we also brought a mat(the red one). And that is the picture of the boys doing the bonfire. After eating dinner by the beach we played uno cards then suddenly boys makes us creep out a little, the atmosphere became uneasy so I say a little prayer inside my head to make me calm then after that it rained so we didn’t had a chance to continue the bonfire and to toast the marshmallow over the fire and our choice is to use the tent and the flashlights.

Around 9 or 10 as I remembered the rain stop and we saw stars little by little. Good for stargazing. Then 4 of us stayed in the tent then the other 4 stayed in the mat. We tried to sleep. I did felt a sleep for a couple of hours but around 3 am we’re all awaken. Then around 4 or 5 it started raining again, some of us decided to swim a little while the rain was pouring. When we realized that the rain was not going to stop that time we just stayed near our tent and wait until the rain stoped and it was one cold morning.

Then finally around 7 in the morning the rain stops and we decided to cooked our breakfast.

After having breakfast finally the sun shows up. And we decided to take that chance to enjoy the beach.

And here are some instagramable pictures😊 >> My instagram

“Beach life with the girlfriends👌🏻🌊

Here’s some of the things I do:

When I workout, I really discipline myself. I’ll eat heavy breakfast, enough for lunch then eat a little by night then I workout. And when we have fruits I eat some after having a meal. Then every morning when I woke up 1 glass of water then every meal atleast 2 or more glasses of water then at night before I sleep 1 glass of water again. 

These view and the sound of beach wave was so calming and relaxing!

Although we didn’t had a chance to see the sunset and the sunrise, all in all this trip was an amazing one. Our very first trip together with the squad in the beach, because we are so used to go to the swimming pools and not this.

Our all in all expenses per head was ₽1125, inclusive of:

  • ₽200 boat ride(back and forth)
  • ₽600 for the van rented
  • ₽250 for the foods
  • ₽75 for the tent

So happy that we push through with this trip, although I think it will be much fun if the squad is complete. Hoping for the next time we will be complete and beach again please!

And for contact you can text/call Kuya Omar — 0912 647 3331

He was so accomodating and so kind to answer all your questions about the island😊



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