Yesterday I celebrated my 20th birthday. And honestly I don’t feel like I was really 20 years feels like yesterday I was 18 and having my debut, now no more teen on my age. 

But being an adult has many things to consider. Many things to learn. Accepting many things you will know more about yourself. And I know there will still be fun, sad, stress, excitement, etc., in every thing that you will do with your life. 

So yesterday I just want to celebrate my birthday in a simple way. My family and friends with me having a simple birthday party. 

But my friends love surprises so they did surprise me…

In our squad we love surprising each other with smashing fresh eggs in the head of the celebrant and this is what they’ve done to me🙈

So after that I had a hard time washing it off😅

Then we eat after that. And because I know the surprises of my squad I’m prepared and have changed into another ootd 🙂

~with my lil’ cousins

~with my cousins again


~with my loving aunt and cousins

Then we play beerpong after. It’s boys vs. girls. 
It was really a fun day being with your family and friends on your birthday❤️

So that’s all I want to share about my 20th birthday. 

I’ll be posting next my outfits yesterday. 



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