70th month💞

Yesterday we just celebrated our 70th monthsary. Being with him for the longest time has been like a rollercoaster ride–Ups and Downs but we’re still together. 

We ate our lunch at Sbarro. 

Then we stroll to Bonifacio High Street in Makati City. Just enjoying our time together. 

We spot this replica of leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. It really is more fun here in the Philippines hahaha. When I was still in Italy last year I wasn’t able to go here so maybe this will be fine for now haha. 

Although the wheather was so hot so we decided to have an ice cream in Coldstone and it was so refreshing! Gelato will always be mu favorite every summer! 

We are just a normal couple doing simple dates, having lunch outside, just enjoying the time together. 

But I’m hoping someday or maybe in our 6th anniversary as a couple we could go for an adventurous date, I’m so up for that kind of date! 
Finally my outfit 🙂

“Romper shorts for Saturdate✖️”

–> istelbabe IG

  • Romper shorts from Zuiki Italia
  • Shoes from H&M
  • Bag from Carpisa
  • Watch from Breil 

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