Everyday Kath Book Launch

Last Sunday my bestfriends and I went to our idol’s book launch. 

It was in eastwood mall and we were already there at around 7 in the morning as I remember while the start of book signing is 3 in the afternoon. 

Although we waited so long and be under the heat of the sun, it was so worth it because we got a chance to have out book signed, have a chance to hold her hand and have a picture with her. 

It was not our first time to fangirl like this because we’ve been doing this since 2011, we were there with our idol from the start up to what she is now here in the Philippines. (Teen Queen of the Philippines) But we’ve become so busy with our school stuffs that’s why we don’t have much time to go to her events. Until we had time last Sunday❤️ 


Even if we are fangirling we still want to look fashionably just like our idol — Kathryn Chandria Bernardo. 


“Primadonna girls” 👯

  • Shoes from Primadonna


“Matchy-matchy and fangirling moments with the bestfriends” ❤️

  • Top and Black shorts from Tally Weijl
  • Watch from Hoops watch

You could check my Instagram for other pictures ⏩ istelbabe

Ps: I was on the right side 😊

© to Summit Media for the photos. 


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