Star city!

Yesterday we went to star city. It’s a double date fun. 

I have been there when I was still a child like 6 or 7 years old I guess.. I can still remember some of it but it was really different now. They make it more bigger and the rides is fine. But I think it is more of rides for the little ones than the extreme rides. 

Here are some of the rides we try! 

This is the most enjoyable ride! My bestfriend and her boyfriend is so scared, I’m fine with it because I have tried something like this when I was in Enchanted Kingdom and my boyfriend is also like relax haha. 

This one is like a tour while you just sit there in a round  boat like. You can see inside the characters in the movie Pirates of the Carribean. 

This one is so fun. Bump car, we ride it twice.

 And this ferris wheel ride was so romantic for me because it was really my dream to ride there and be with the one I love, and it is my boyfriend for more than 5 years! 


 This one is one of my favorite ciew even if it is dark in here haha. Because I love elephants and this one amazes me that’s why 🙂

 And a bit of craziness! 

“It’s our own kind of relationship goals.”

That is my caption on my instagram ( istelbabe ) hahaha. When we are doing this aome of the people are looking at us so we feel like we reall are crazy people that moment hahaha! But it was cute and romantic for me just like when others post like this 🙂

So that is all for my Star City adventure! 

If you can go there try also the rides I’ve said👍🏼


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