Creme Coffee and Tea Bar 

Last thursday we tried out this coffee shop near my place. It is newly built and open.  

I lived in Pateros metro manila, and this place is just a tricycle/jeepney away. 

  ©to the owner of last three photos 🙂

I love the decoratings in the place and those cute furnitures, but the place is so small. It feels like the people who can stay there is not more than 18 I guess..But it feels relaxing there because of the furnitures and the ambiance. If this place would be a hit in our place maybe they can make their place a bit more bigger so many people could come and stay to relax here. 
We tried their frappe– Mocha Caramel, it was good and the cupcake (Dark Chocolate) I love the taste of it. 

They have many variety of coffee, non-based coffee, frappe, espresso, tea and many more. 

In terms of cupcakes they have red velvet, that dark chocolate we ordered and they also have cheesecakes

So if you are near the place try it also and see if it will give you the same experience we had!😊

Located at 16 M.Almeda corner S Castillo st. Pateros metro manila. 


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