Valentines 2016

We celebrated the valentines simple but full with love. 

It’s just like a normal day for us because everytime we are together it feels like valentines. 


It has been 6 years of celebrating valentines day with this guy!❤️

Just a simple lunch and dinner in our house, then watched TV..

Because there is festival in our town that day, valentines day, I invited him to just celebrate our valentines here in our town so he could also see how the festival in our town was. 

Then he surprised me with his gift💕

I loved it! His efforts, I really appriciated it!❤️ 

I was really going to gave him a cookies with customized message in there but I don’t have much time because of my studies, so I will make it up to him next time. 

For the last is my ootd:

  I bought this muscle tee when I was in Rome, at H&M and because I really love elephants, I bought tops with prints like this🐘💕

  • Top from H&M
  • Shorts frim Tally Weijl

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