Venice Piazza..(in Philippines)

Last week I heard of this Venice Piazza in the Philippines where they copy what is in the Italy but not much copied as I may say.. So we went there to see what is it like. 

But it is worth capturing! But also it is not yet done, maybe when it is totally finished it will look great! 

Those are some of the pictures I captured. I’ve been to Rome, Italy as you remember my post last last time, by looking at this structures here it looks like a modernized Venice for me because way back in Italy almost all the beautiful and known structures there is all maintained as the years goes by. 
Many people is going here in Venice Piazza in McKinley hill in taguig. 

And I’m looking forward for when they will be having a boat here just like in Venice 🙂

And here’s my picture there also with my ootd 🙂


  • Top from Tally Weijl
  • Ripped jeans from Mango
  • Sling bag from Carpisa

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