Late Post: Christmas 2015

It has been months away since my last post…

I want to share to you my Christmas for this year.  

It wouldn’t be complete if we don’t have a family picture together with my grandma in her graveyard. 

We always do this picture every christmas just to still remember her and that she will always be in our heart forever❤️

And something to change my habit of shopping for myself only. I decided to just buy my little cousins a gift for this christmas that I find it fun and at the same time happy because you will be able to give something for them. 

 It is my very first time to cook something for them. Or should I say bake haha. 

It is really simple and yum for those who love chocolates. 

I used: chocolate chip used for baking, hershey bar, marshmallows, and graham cracker. 

I baked it in the oven for almost 7-10 minutes just to make sure the chocolates under the mallows melted. 

Then when it is already fine you could eat it. Dip the grahams and enjoy eating! 🙂


 And my ootd! 💙

You could check my instagram for more of this one! ▶️ My IG

  • Top from Forever 21 
  • Pants from Lee Jeans
  • Espadrilles from Primadonna

And one more thing..

My espadrilles is from my boyfriend it is his christmas gift for me😍 which I super love!


And in exchange I gave him a shirt that he likes also. 

So that’s all for my Christmas 2015💕


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