Off the shoulder trend. 

It has been a trend years ago and now a trend again. Because in fashion, once it trends today..then suddenly will be forgotten then years will past it will be a trend again. Recurrent. 

In the Philippines I have idolized this beautiful lady since then and as time goes by she grew so talented and so beautiful actress. And whatever she wears looked so amazing and fashionable in her. 

 Some are from her Instagram account: bernardokath
She is the Teen Queen in the Philippines and many people idolized her and her sense in fashion. 

So because of her I was influenced to bring this side of my creativity in fashion. That’s when I started capturing what i wear and give sense to what I wear even to the basic clothes. 

 Here are some of my ootd shot. Usually my ootd shot is not whole body but for today I’m loving my look that’s why 🙂

Posted here: My instagram

  • Off shoulder top from Bershka
  • Black shorts from Tally Weijl
  • Shoes from H&M
  • Bag from Segue

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