Last Sunday morning we went to Mirabilandia. It was 5 hour drive from Rome to there. And we also paid for a stay in the hotel there for a day. 

First we go to Mirabilandia before heading to the hotel. Our things was in the pullman(big bus, with a capacity of 40 people I guess) I was with the teens who also want to go there. 

  We’ve got two days to enjoy every rides there. Here are some rides I got to try in that two days there. 

 This one is a tower in Mirabilandia where you will be going up then suddenly it will fall fast and it was really fun to try. I tried it 2 times.   

 This one’s a mini roller coaster. It was fine, my hips ache because of the sudden turns it makes. I rode it once. 
   Then this one, my favorite althought it was so extreme for me. This is called I-Speed. It is how fast the ride goes and it was all fun!

 Then this Niagara, where you will really get wet. But it was fun also. It was great for a weather that time. So hot. 
Then this laser thing. The things were amazing inside and outside. 
Then here are some that I didn’t get to ride on because I was scared and really don’t want to.   

Katun. Where you will really go upside down and it really scares me that’s why I didn’t rode on it. It is the most extreme for a roller coaster. 
Then this Phobia. A horror house. I love watching horror movies but when it comes to seeing it in person it is so creepy and I don’t like it. 
Then the hotel we stay in. 


 There are 3 bedrooms because I was with my 2 lovely cousins. And it was fine for a 4 star hotel in Rome. But I must complain for the aircon ’cause it was not that so cold. And the breakfast the next morning was fine also. 

  “Untill next time Mirabilandia”

Hoping next time I l’ve got to ride all of that. 

And for the last my outfit. But I only got to take a picture of my outfit on our second day. 


  • Top from Murashopph (IG online shop)
  • High-waisted shorts from H&M
  • Watch from Hoops watch here in Rome. 
  • Shoes from Vans 

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