✔️Padre Pio, Italy

Last Sunday we visit Padre Pio here in Italy. 

   I feel so blessed that I got to be there and saw it. There’s no mass but before going here we first went to Monte Sant’Angelo for a mass. Since it was near Padre Pio we attended the mass there ’cause there is no mass at the church of Padre Pio the time we arrived there.  

  “Monte Sant’Angelo”

I was so amazed by this church! I love how they structed it like this. It was like you attend a mass from way back years. Although everytime I attend a mass here in Rome it’s Italian..(I still don’t know how to speak Italian that’s why..)

 And there is my mom in that amazing view from the top 🙂 She is my photographer that time. Haha.

     The view from the top is so beautiful. Also the different things you can see inside the museum like for Padre Pio. 


Then last is my ootd. 


  • Top from Murashopph (IG shop)
  • Pants I made it ripped from TheDollHouseShop (IG shop)
  • Flat shoes from H&M
  • Watch from Hoops (italian watch)

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