Fridate with my cousin👯


Last friday my cousin here in Rome which is also a Filipino but grew up here in Rome. 
We just wandered outside until we reach this so place where you can see from up the city of Rome. Which is so beautiful!!! 
Then upon walking and walking we felt hungry so we looked for a place to ate but it was so far to walk but we had no choice since it was a holiday only few bus are there. 

So to experience much the city of Rome we walked and saw some of tourists attractions here in Rome. 

One is this Castel St. Angelo 
According to my cousin it was one of the place where they shoot the movie Davinci Code. 

This other one is called Piazza del Popolo as I remembered with what my cousin explain to me. 
Along our way to where we will eat.. We passed by this Via del Corso. 
It is a shopping center along the way and full of branded stores like H&M, Gap, Nike and so much more. 
Also there is other things there not just the store. Like a painter. Some playing with bubbles which kids enjoys it. And many more! 
We just ate a pizza for lunch which tastes good!
Then for the next stop, my cousin brought me to a church where the details in there is in 3d and it is so much amazing! 


Then before we headed home we stop by this gelato store, where my cousin often goes here. We ordered a gelato with macaroon on top of it. And to tell you it was my first time to taste a macaroon…and it taste not what I expected because I tought it was just a simple bread with something inside of it but is is somehow like a crispbread but it tastes great! 
And as always my outfit will forever be in the last part of my post 🙂
  • Top from Shortcuts Apparel (online IG shop)
  • Cardigan from 101 New York
  • Knee ripped jeans from TheDollHouseShop (online IG shop)
  • Flatshoes from Forever 21
  • Bag from Calvin Klein 

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