First few days..

“First few days in Rome”

The next day after we arrived in Rome we need to go to police station to report that I am here. I think it is their policy here. After that we eat French fries in one of the stores near the police station because I’m a fries lover I ask my mom if I could try it.


After that we need to go back again to my aunt’s apartment. First we take autobus to go to the train station. We ended up in Roma Termini they said it is the main station like that because it is so big and so many people going there and there.  Then after that we need to ride another train, this time it is from above because the other one is from underground. But before we take the ride we saw the Piazza Venezia, one of the tourist spot here in Rome. So we went there first then take a picture of me and my mom, the photographer is my other aunt sister of my mom.

  “Roma Termini” 
“Piazza Venezia”

When we arrived at my aunt’s apartment we decided to eat pizza near their apartment together with my cousin, mom and my other aunt.

Then the next day—Friday, I just stay in the apartment up to afternoon then I and my other aunt went to the house where my mom is working. Because my mom wants to be with me she said to stay for a night there.

Then the next day—Saturday, we went to San Pancrazio church and have a mass first before we went to a park near the church because it is holiday that time so there are so many people also that time. We are many, youth like my age then their parents and a priest who is also their friend and also the one who gave us a mass. After eating lunch we relax after a few minutes then we started doing some activity.

It is an activity to learn to communicate and cooperation to each other. We need to bring down the stick together. We have different reaction on how to do it. But I think all we need is to cooperate well in this activity to do it. We done it after 45 minutes but the priest said when they did that they finished it in just 20 minutes. If you will look at it you will say it is so easy, yes it is if you and the other persons know how to communicate and cooperate.

The second activity, I didn’t join because I was waiting for my mom. This time they are all speaking Italian language that’s why I can’t understand. They are all with Filipino blood but some of them where born in here or some grew up here that’s why they spoke more of Italian than Filipino.
But I enjoy this day! When we return to the apartment we ate pancit for dinner. After that we still need to return to the house where my mom is working. We went out at around 9 in the evening. It was so cold outside. And I was so sleepy.
Also I would not forget my ootd!

Please check my instagram account for other pictures! ▶️ @istelbabe


  • Shoes from Vans 
  • Bag from Forever 21 


  • Bag from Calvin Klein 
  • Shoes from Vans

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