Hey, I’m back.. Its been a week since I last write here in my blog! 

And I’ll be sharing what my summer will be for this year. 

I’m really excited for this summer vacation!!! I had been preparing things cause I will be going for Rome this summer vacation. 

It will be my first time traveling that’s why I’m so excited!

I had been fixing my documents since last last month I think. And last March 24 my visa has finally been approved. So after my semester ended I finally got a chance to buy things that I need for this trip. 

Last wednesday I started buying things from my travel bag, shoes and some things needed.


Then for today I go again for another shopping with my aunt. Finally I had finished buying things that I mostly needed to bring. 


It has been a tiring day but at the same time I feel happy for my new stuffs😊 Its not all the time I do this..

Maybe I would be love to travel often if it will be like this. Hahaha. 

Here is my ootd for today:




  • Pocket tee from Shortcuts Apparel (IG shop)
  • Shoes from Vans 
  • Bag from Calvin Klein (my mama gave it to me) 

And here is what happen when my cousin took a picture of me in my ootd haha🙈 

(PS. Sorry for my silly pose haha.)



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