Double date💞

“Its plaid on sunday. “


  • Plaid top from Murashopph (online IG shop)
  • Bag from Calvin Klein
  • Necklace from Diareeph (online IG shop)
  • High-waisted jeans from Thedollhouseshop (online IG shop)

It is titled double date because one of my bestfriend together with our boyfriend we watched a movie where our favorite artist is the main cast❤️

It is my second time to watch the movie but I still feel its my first time because I really feel the story every time I watch it. The movie is #CrazyBeautifulYou 👏👏👏

After watching the movie we dine to KFC to try their new spicy chicken. And based on how they eat it, it really is so spicy. I didn’t try it because I’m not fond of eating spicy foods. 

My kind of sunday with them 😍


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