My love for Crop Tops!

♥Crop top love♥



“Simple yet fashionable!”

Just to share to you guys how I love wearing crop tops especially here in the Philippines the weather is more of a sunny season than rainy season which gives cold weather.

There is this shop in instagram (Murashopph) that I find great cause it has nice clothes and inexpensive. I try to wear it last night and it was so comfortable to wear. I pay my order last monday and it came yesterday. I would like to share next time when I wear it, #ootd 🙂


Another set of my crop tops is this tops from Forever 21. 

I love this tops so much 🙂 I have worn this tops on many ways to pair with. But I haven’t wear the polka dots top cause I still don’t know what to pair with it, haha!

Nowadays many are wearing different clothes that are fashionable. Specially when the one they idolized wear it they will also love to wear it.

Also even if it is fashionable many years ago, today it can still be fashionable and wearable cause that is how the era of fashion is–One day it will be popular and all will be wearing it then the next time it will not be..Then after years it will be used again. Also there is an addition of different clothing because of our great designers in the world!


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