Valentine’s Day Idea’s

Since Valentine’s Day is near.. I’ll just give some of my idea on what is more essential to give to the one you love most! It’s not easy to decide what to give but above all of this.. I’m saying that the most important is to show how you really love that person no matter what. This is just a one day celebration, but if you make that person feel loved everyday–that is like the perfect gift! I hope this helps 🙂


1. Things that he or she loves.
If you know him/her that much and knows what thing/s he or she likes, give it to him, if you have enough money for that thing. Because I think by giving that it will make him/her happy because he or she feels special that you know what he or she loves.

2. Write him or her a love letter.
For me I guess writing love letters is so sweet and special. Because there is this thing called technology..not all of us take time to just write what they really feel about their love ones. They could just text it or email it or what ever kind of technology they will be using. By writing him or her a letter is different because you are the one who write it and you can add what designs you like on the paper.

3. Customized couple things.
It’s one of the best gifts I guess because not only it is customized, both of you have it. It feels like both of you were connected because of that thing. And because it is customized you can put whatever you like to put. It will look so special for the both of you because only both of you have it, it is not the same with other couples.

4. Make his or her favorite foods.
Many are saying “A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” So maybe foods will be great as a gift. If you know how to bake or maybe cook a dish you can do it then give it your special someone 🙂 It is more special because you bake or cook it for him or her. And also if you both love eating it will be great for Valentine’s Day because that is what you both love to do. (I’ll admit that I love if you give me foods that I really do love to eat then I’m satisfied and happy)

5. Take her to a romantic date.
If you have enough money for a romantic dinner outside, take her out it will be really so special. If you don’t have much money you can do it in your house/garden/special place you both only know..something like that! 🙂 Then cook for her/him and have maybe a candle light dinner to make it more special and sweet.

6. Show how much you love him or her!
Above all the most important thing in this one day in a year is that you show him or her how much you really love him or her. Because that is what really matter most! If he or she feel so loved everything that you will give him or her will be so special because there is LOVE. Also show it everyday how much you love him or her not only on Valentine’s Day.


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