Metro Magazine (Love Month)


“Modern Romance”

Fall in love with the Teen King and Teen Queen of this generation in the Philippines… Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla

I’ve began reading this magazine this morning.. It’s February–Love Month♥ This magazine is not only about Love but also about Fashion, Beauty and Fitness.


But since its love month I’ll just focus in the cover of the magazine. About these two teens who loves by many people not only here in the Philippines but also to other country cause when they travel it seems like there still have fans out there.

They have done so many separate projects since they started acting at a young age. When they become love team it seems like people who loves them is increasing. I have met them once. Since I idolized them much meeting them is a wish come true for me. At that time I had witnessed how dedicated they are in acting cause I also got a chance to watch them acting because they where taping that time for their movie. Then after a long day for them, they still give us time to take a picture with them, to have their autograph and also to hug them. They were so kind and cool people.

In this magazine it also tackles about the BIG question if “Are they, or aren’t they?” They have been together since 2010 I think.. They were always together so I guess they’ve known each other so much. Daniel did not deny about liking Kathryn but they were so young that time. Now that Daniel will be turning 20 this year and Kathryn will be 19..why not? But still its up to them because that is their relationship. Whatever happens.. Us, their fans will still love and support them.♥


About this Valentines Day, I know many of us girls is dreaming of a perfect date. And here is some of what Kathryn answer when she was asked of her dream date.
Her answer is: “Very girly. Not so intimate but not so formal. To be in the trunk of pick-up car then stargazing. Or maybe a bonfire, a tents with friends then just relax or chill. Shall lay down in the garden or somewhere. Simple things. I also want it very private. There’s not much else. Nothing too involved.”



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