New Year’s Eve!


New Year’s Eve FOODS ♥

(grilled hotdogs, barbeques, fish fillet, morcon, chicken flambe, cake,spaghetti, wine and fresh fruits)


“New Year’s Eve ootd”


Celebrating holidays with family is always the best, like what I always say 🙂 Every year we do family picture like this. Even though we are not complete, I still wish that someday my mom,aunt,uncle who is in abroad could join us in celebrating holidays..someday! 🙂

How we celebrate New Year’s Eve?

A simple banquet after watching fireworks with family.

My aunt is always the one making our yummy foods then if she needs help we’ll help her. We do have firecrackers last year but for this year we just prefer to watch fireworks around our place. Maybe because my uncle who always bought firecrackers is already in abroad.


“Cheers to a New Year”

Another year has ended and so many things learned this past years in my life. A new year to begin with positive vibes and hopefully more blessings from Him this 2015. In a span of a 1 year,  everyday is different.. You got to learn things, to learn from my mistakes, to accept what reality is. But for me most important is to live life the way you want it and living life happy. When there is a challenge, take it! It will help you to be strong and be wise as a human.

Hope you all have a great year this 2015. Like what others said so that you’ll have a great year, claim it. It’s my year! 2015 

A cheers to 2015!♥

(sorry a little late post, kinda busy)


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