My Christmas :)


“Spending Christmas with family is always a good idea. A true meaning of Christmas!”

In our family we don’t usually celebrate Christmas Eve, maybe we are not accustomed to it.. But when the day of 25th turned we always go to church. Thanking God for everything and celebrating His birthday also:) After that, since my grandma is in *heaven* now.. we always go to the cemetery after the Christmas mass to also pray and to feel also that she is always with us even though she is not literally here..(that’s why the background is in cemetery πŸ˜€ )Β After that we go home then its gift giving time πŸ™‚ We go to our godparents for our Christmas gift.


And here are the foods we have for Christmas this year. We have Pesto(upper left picture), my aunt cooked it, we do the pesto sauce. Next is the Chicken Flambe(lower left), I think this is a French dish but we love it here in the Philippines, ’cause it is so delicious! Then we have sweets, the Mango Bravo Cake from Conti’s Pastry Shop and also the Ginger bread house from my other aunt, my little cousins loved it ’cause you can eat all of it πŸ™‚


10884681_828922800500684_1277454207_n 10884558_828922743834023_2097363253_n

A little ootd here πŸ™‚

  • Top and shoes from Forever 21
  • Distressed pants from Sm Department store
  • Watch from Breil (first time to wear it, from my godmother)

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