Christmas is coming!


5 more days and its Christmas! Everyone is getting ready for it, Christmas shopping, Christmas party and many more.

Like in our school (University of the East), we planned exchanging gifts on our last day before Christmas sembreak. We have a big white Christmas tree in our school, my professor ask us to form a circle around the Christmas tree. We have numbers then its a draw lots, whatever number we get that’s the gift we will get. And I received a bracelet from our exchange gifts.



Then yesterday me and my aunt go for Christmas shopping. We bought some clothes to wear when we go to church on the 25th of December.

First stop to Forever 21.. we roam around Forever 21, but I guess I’m not in the mood to choose at that early. Because we came in the mall too early and the shop has just opened. We decided to go to Department store and luckily I was able to find denim that I want and a hanging top. And my aunt bought some sleeveless top. And after that I decided to go back at Forever 21, and finally I know what I want to buy. I bought some simple tops and some earings! It took us to shop in more than 2 hours.

10599305_824019254324372_7268595429088908839_n 1509787_824019210991043_3651651806166876496_n

And after that tedious shopping we decided to eat lunch at French Baker. we order Hickory Spareribs and it was so yummy! Happy tummy indeed! šŸ™‚



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