Sundate <3

Monthsary Sunday ♥


I’ve been with this guy since June 2010. We’ve been through a lot! It is not always a happy relationship because I believe that all of the relationship has problems, and with that problem you both grow and understand things in life better. At first I don’t see us to be in a long relation because I was just high school back then. But he make me feel loved and he always cares for me even though I’m always moody.

I thank God I met him, a guy who care so much not only for me but for his family and siblings, for always understanding me, for loving me so much! You know how much I love you too!


So we watch the Big Hero 6 in Market Market! 

It was a great movie! I really do want to have my own Baymax (if possible, hahaha) because of this movie. Baymax is so sweet!♥

It has a great story about brothers,friendships and also to believe in your self on what you can do! If you haven’t watch this movie, I suggest you should! 🙂

10818569_814862965240001_1017624172_n  10836531_814862995239998_986506824_n



After that we chill in SM Aura. I try this crepe that I really want to taste ’cause it looks so delicious! The Crazy Crepe have many flavors, but I try the Banana Nutella! And it is so yummy 🙂

Then we go to the Sky Park (I guess) in Sm Aura. The other pictures are some of the views to be seen there.

And a little ootd for the last picture 🙂

  • Eiffel Tower Top
  • DIY shorts
  • Forever 21 flat shoes

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