Distressed Denim

I’ve been addicted in distressing my jeans since I watched some tutorial in YouTube. You may watch some in YouTube there are so many tutorials and you can easily do it by yourself.

Steps in Distressing Denim:

  1. First you need an old denim or a denim that hasn’t been use for a long time. A pair of denim that has a good quality of fabric will be great!
  2. Then you need a pencil/washable marker/chalk for marking where you would want to ripped it. And use a scissors to cut the marked part.
  3. By using tweezers pull out the all the vertical threads.
  4. After doing this all you can wash the denim and after that it will look like more better!

Here are some of the pictures of the jeans to go for ootd! 🙂


From: http://instagram.com/istelbabe

DSC04354 DSC04422

Same jeans but I paired it with different shoes.

  • Floral Wedge from Primadonna
  • The other shoes is from SM Department Store

Here is the 2nd ripped jeans


  • Heels from Gibi Shoes

DSC04612 DSC04611 DSC04610

Closer look of the jeans..

DSC04521 DSC04522 DSC04524 DSC04525

So there I hope it is fine. Honestly this is my first time trying it to my jeans and it kinda makes me feel happy that I’ve got to do style my old and boring jeans.

So try it! It is fun to do and you can be fashionable also! ❤


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