Lazy Saturday.


DSC04627 DSC04651


DSC04638 DSC04646


It’s been a week since school started…

I’m in the school from afternoon ’til night that’s why its exhausting.

My weekends will be my rest day.

Like today I just want to sleep all day. But there is a lot of work about school to do just like homework..

Because I failed in one of my subject that’s why the available time for me is from afternoon ’til night.

I really need to study hard to not fail again, because it’s stress!

A little more perseverance then I can graduate from college and live the reality of life.

I’m already 3rd year, 2nd semester. Just one more year and I can graduate with the course of

Bachelor in Science major in Accounting Technology.

I have many dreams to accomplish in life that’s why I need to study well…

Because they always say that life will start after you finish college because working will be different from studying..

When studying you continue to learn things and just pass the exams and the activities to be done,

while in working that will be your daily life..Working hard and earned money and then work again, work until you can also you can learn things when working.

P.S. The pictures say a lot about me, how crazy I am, how I am when I’m bored, how vain I was and everything 🙂

( The teddy bear is from my Babe ❤ )


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