Nail Polish

“Nail polish is a lacquer that can be applied to the human fingernails or toenails to decorate and protect the nail plate.”

My fingernails and toenails have always nail polish since I was high school. When I was high school most of the time my toenails have nail polish and now that I’m in college most of the time both.

Since then I’m used to put nail polish, whenever I don’t have I find my nails boring. But sometimes when the manicurist say that I need to rest my nails from putting nail polish, I have to because if not my nails would break.

These are some nail polish that I’m always using.


“Girl Stuff”


“Essence (colour & go)”

And the nail polish finishes that I had been using lately and I got addicted to it is the “Matte”


So here are some picture of nails with different nail polish color. I like it more with just a color I’m not fond of nail arts. I like it more simple 🙂



This is my latest post in Instagram about my nails..


Color: Machiatto



Nail polish from Girl Stuff (Megamall branch)

Bracelet from 2 Jewels (my mom gave it to me in my 18th birthday)

Watch from Breil (also from my mom)

Ring from my mom 🙂

That’s how I love putting nail polish in my fingernails! 🙂


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