High-Waisted Shorts

For today I would like to share different ways on how I wear this shorts that I bought previous months ago from The SM Department StoreThis one is one of my favorite from the things that I bought for myself 🙂

High-Waisted Shorts
High-Waisted Shorts
  • First style


“Simple as it is”

Let’s start from the basic style..

Because sometimes when I go out I always want to wear simple clothes that it will look stylish even if it is simple. So for this one…

I paired it with a white shirt, tucked in my high-waisted shorts and a white flat shoes from The SM Department Store also. So that is the simple one 🙂

  • Second style


“Crop Tops”

For my second style I paired it with my black Forever 21 crop top “UMM. OK.” and with my black sandals.

I love wearing crop tops that’s why I paired it with my high-waisted shorts because I think it will look great with it.

  • Third style


“Floral kind of a day”

For the third style..

I paired this one with my Floral top from Forever 21 and a green Floral Primadonna wedge.

I also love floral prints. Honestly when I saw that wedge for the first time I really like it but that time I don’t have money so I waited for my 18th birthday and then after a day or so I do bought it.

Maybe this is why I don’t have savings because when I have money and I want to buy something that I like.. I will buy it.

  • Fourth style


“Muscle tee”

The last one is this muscle tee with pizza design. And my blue classic patent flats from Forever 21 to pair with my blue bag that was given to me on my 18th birthday.

So that’s how I style this high-waisted shorts 🙂


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