My 18th Celebration


“A once in a lifetime experience for a teenager girls..” 

I really did not dream of it at first because I know its too costly and we’re not that rich..

It started when I first attended the 18th celebration of my childhood friend. And then there, I was amazed and after that I feel like I want to celebrate it too in an affordable celebration. A simple yet memorable celebration of my 18th birthday. So I also save some money from my allowance to help my mom in the expenses.

Honestly, we started preparing a year before 🙂 We’ve been talking and talking about it since then, on what we need to do, who to invite, where the venue will be, also my gowns for that night.

I have a gown and a cocktail dress for that night. The designs of my gown is from the internet, then the color is violet because it is my favorite color.


The Program (the traditional)

  • Started by a prayer
  • My Grand Entrance (with my boyfriend)
  • A little information about me (done by the Emcee)
  • Serenading the debutant
  •  18 Roses (my close guy friends)
  • Photo opt in the stage
  • Dinner
  • 18 Candles (half is my friends then half is my aunties, grandma, uncle)
  • Video presentation ( which I made )
  • Change outfit while the video is playing
  • Song number from my cousin who came here in the Phil. from Italy
  • 18 Envelopes
  • Dance number from me together with my cousins 🙂
  • 18 Treasures
  • To sing the Happy Birthday and blowing of the candle
  • After Party


And that’s the celebration of my 18th birthday!

I’m blessed and thankful for these people who is always there. For loving and taking care of me. For my mom who always understand me because sometimes I’m a hard-headed daughter and for teaching me the right and good things to do. And I thank God for everything that I have in my life.

Turning 18 I think I need to really be more responsible enough. Make the right decision for my self. Also to be more mature in things. But still I need to listen to what my mom will say because she still knows everything..


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